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Comments: The stabilization plotline is not implemented on console yet, so this deterioration plotline will still occur five years after The Builder Bout, regardless of if the player is married to Ginger.

Collect Items is a secondary mission that can only occur if the player is married to Ginger and her disease stabilization plotline is not adhered to.

This mission is part of Ginger's disease deterioration plotline.

  1. Collect Items
  2. Parting


Collect Items only triggers on Winter 11 if the player is married to Ginger for five years after completing The Builder Bout, the end of the main storyline.[1]

However, if Ginger's disease stabilization plotline is adhered to, the deterioration plotline will not trigger.

Warning: If the player is not married to Ginger and does not adhere to her stabilization plotline, then this mission will not trigger and the player will simply get a letter in the mail about Ginger's passing on Winter 20th, five years after completing The Builder Bout. verify ] Additionally, it is not possible to divorce Ginger after the questline begins, as the player can no longer gift her a Broken Mirror.

Conduct of the missionEdit

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Collect ItemsEdit


After completing Collect Items, Parting begins.


  • Exp Experience +4000


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