Commission of Happiness is one of Gust's romance missions.


The player must be lovers (8 hearts or more) with Gust.

Conduct of the missionEdit

After becoming Gust's lover the player will receive a following letter from Albert:

Mail normal opened

From: Albert

Hi Player,

We have some sample products that need to be delivered to our customers as soon as possible. I know you usually don't take delivery commissions, but I'm very busy right now and you're the fist one I thought of! Please help me!

Deliver ProductsEdit

When the player talks to Albert:

Albert These are samples of Gust's newly designed wallpapers. Gust has been using the latest styles, but we need to know how our customers think. Be sure to deliver all of them before sunset.
Albert This is a business deal! I ain't paying if they're delivered late! Haha!

He gives the player 3 Wallpaper Sample Wallpaper Samples and asks to deliver them to 3 people: Martha, Paulie and Xu. The characters can be found at their usual locations. Upon delivery, they say:

Martha Wow, would you look at the textures! Gust really is a genius. Thanks for bringing it back.
Paulie I think this fits my manly style! Oh yeah!
Xu The patterns are very refined, thanks for showing it to me.

Talk with AlbertEdit

After delivering the samples the player needs to find Albert, he gives Player 200 Gols and asks them to find Gust and tell him how the clients feel about the products:

Albert Now that was fast! Thanks for the work, here's a little somethin' for you. Can you also go tell Gust how our customers felt about the samples? He's hanging around the beach doing his own thing.

Talk with GustEdit

The player can find Gust on the beach west of Portia Harbor, in a heart-shaped structure made of candles and red flower petals. Gust proposes to the player:

Gust Uhm... I'm sorry that I've never spoken passionately to you or promised anything to you.
Gust I once said that if one day my sister finds true love, I would leave the Portia and chase my dream.
Gust But now, I don't think I can leave because there is something more important here. So... please marry me!
  • Yes! I want to be with you forever.
  • I'm sorry, I'm not ready for marriage yet.
  • I'm sorry, but I...actually like your sister...
  • I think you misunderstood, I don't want to be together with a narcissist.
→  Yes! I want to be with you forever.
Your dream is now my dream. I'll always support you. When you become a great designer, I will stand by your side and personally construct your design into a structure that will last for all of eternity.
A cutscene occurs where Gust gives a Wedding Ring to the player and they kiss.
Gust Relationship +50
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring +1
The wedding will be scheduled for the next morning. After trying to talk to Gust immediately after this he responds:
Gust I'm looking forward to tomorrows wedding...

Rejecting Gust's proposal with any of the last three responses triggers the same response and result:

Gust I'm always thought of others as fools, but I'm the most foolish of them all.
Relationship -180

After trying to talk to him immediately after this, he says:

Gust There is nothing to say to you. What do you want with me?
Relationship -20

Failing the missionEdit

The player can fail the mission by not going to Portia Harbor to find Gust.

After the player speaks to Gust the next day, the following dialogue will be triggered:

Gust So you finally showed up.
Uhm...the customers were satisfied with the wallpaper you designed.
Gust What's that...why didn't you come yesterday? Ah, whatever. It's meaningless now.
Relationship -60


  • Accepting Gust's proposal earns the player the Romantic Proposal achievement.
  • Albert will give the player this mission even if the player is dating both him and Gust.
  • If the player is already engaged to someone else when they talk to Gust on the beach, they will get -180 relationship with Gust.
  • If the player fails to deliver wallpaper samples before the mission timer ends, they will get -50 Relationship points with Gust and -20 Relationship points with Albert.


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