Construction Crane is a secondary mission.


The player must have completed Fixing Ack.

A time limit of 28 days begins at the start of the mission.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

Gale proposes a plan to build the Portia Museum in Central Plaza and tasks Albert and a builder to construct it. Albert mails a letter to the player to announce the plan.

Albert Nice to see you, Player. Let's talk. For the museum we need a mechanical crane to lift things. We haven't had the need for one in Portia before, but I'm pretty sure we'll need one if we're to implement Gust's design for the museum.
Albert I'm thinking of giving this job to you, do you think you're up for it?
  • Sure, but will the other Builders complain?
  • I'm kind of busy at the moment.
→  Sure, but will the other Builders complain?
Albert Alright! And don't worry about the rest, I've got some material commissions waiting for them. It's only Higgins that complains all the time anyway.
Albert I don't have a diagram for this crane, so you'll need to talk to someone at the Research Center about it, sorry.

Ask PetraEdit

Since Albert does not have the diagram to build the crane, he suggests asking someone at the Research Center. Petra can assist with the diagram.

Petra You're looking to build a mechanical crane for Albert? Sure, I can get a diagram ready for that. Get me 6 Data Discs to speed up my research. I've seen some in Atara and Vega 5, so I have a general idea on what to expect, it's very similar to the Bassanio Lift.

Collect Data DiscsEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Upon giving Petra the Data Discs:

Petra Great work, these will really help with my research. I'll have something for you soon!

Wait for DiagramEdit

After giving Petra the Data Discs, the player needs to wait 1 day for her to send in the results.

Her research for the diagram concludes with Construction Crane (Diagram).

Assemble the CraneEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Level 2 Assembly StationLevel 2 Assembly Station Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Construction CraneConstruction Crane
Construction Crane
Steel CableSteel Cable
Steel Cable
Steel FrameSteel Frame
Steel Frame
Iron Wooden PlankIron Wooden Plank
Iron Wooden Plank

Upon giving Albert the Construction Crane:

Albert Magnificent job! We'll install this right away and get to work. Heck... you might even want to place one of these in the museum someday, haha, how 'bout that!


Cutscene The Opening of the Portia Museum

Portia Museum grand opening

After completion of this mission, the construction of the Portia Museum begins. It takes a week to build. The day the museum is completed Gale sends the player the following letter:

Mail normal opened

From: Gale

Dear Citizen,

We're holding the opening ceremony for the Portia Museum on Saturday morning, please come by! I have full confidence that the Portia Museum will become a major attraction for our city!

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the Portia Museum is hosted on the following Saturday. The player can approach the museum to watch a cutscene. After the cutscene the museum will be open to the public, allowing the player to donate eligible items and get the donation rewards. The player will also be able to use the Relic Pieces Exchange board inside the museum.


Exp Experience +3200
Gols Gols +4000
Prompt guild Reputation +90
Albert Albert: Relationship +20
File CabinetFile Cabinet (1)


NPC comments about the new museumEdit

Some characters have unique lines after the museum is completed and opened to the public:

Albert What do you think of our design for the Portia Museum? It's way better than that dirty old building in Atara for sure. In my opinion.
Alice I took my brother to see the new museum. It was an eye opening experience. I didn't the Corrupted World had so many things. Things of all sorts.
Dawa You know, I got the urge to go ruin divin' when I visited the new Portia Museum. I guess it's true when they say there's an adventurer inside all of us, haha!
Django Portia always had the natural beauty, now it's infrastructure and cultural attractions are getting there as well, don't you think so?
Dolly Personally, I didn't care too much for the new museum. My nerdy sister Polly loved it though.
Emily I don't get to see a lot of relics since I don't dive in the ruins too much. So I'm glad the Research Center now has a museum. It's interesting to take a look back at the Age of Corruption once in a while.
Erwa We're going to do a feature on the completion of the museum. It's a big deal for our city.
Gale With the completion of the museum, I think we'll be getting more and more tourists here in Portia. It's still tough for a normal person to travel in our world, so we need to make it worthwhile!
Ginger I asked my brother to go with me to the new Portia museum multiple times already! It feels like I'm diving through the ruins looking for relics when I go there.
Gust Now that the museum is finished, I see some flaws in my design. I'll do better next time.
Isaac If I'm not so old, I'd volunteer to be the curator of the new museum. As it is, I think they need to include more old texts there. Yes, I should petition Gale to put up a library.
Lee I was afraid Dirctor Merlin would display some dangerous items in her museum. It looks like I shouldn't have worried. I would actually encourage our constituents to go visit and see what the Age of Corruption was like.
Lucy I'm glad Portia finally has its own museum. It's very useful for an educator like me when I can take my students there and point to examples to augment my lessons.
Mars I took my girls to see the museum the other day, it was a wonderful bonding experience. Polly, especially loved it!
Mei I was there on opening day for the Museum. The kids were sure excited!
Merlin Being the curator of the museum is more tiring than I foreseen. I didn't expect so many visitors, to be honest.
Molly The new museum was okay, I thought we'd see more mockups or something. But they only had old relics. Polly was really excited though.
Nora I went to see the new Museum the other day, it's magnificant! It's much bigger than the one in my hometown of High Wind.
Oaks I got lost in the museum the other day, it's such a huge building!
Paulie I was thinking of getting some relics to help out the museum, but the stuff they're trading are useless to me.
Petra With the museum up and running, we're busier than ever here at the Research Center. When can Polly grow up and join us? Heheh.
Phyllis I'm glad we have a museum in town now. I think society as a whole focus too much on the bad "the world ended" things from the Old World instead of the beautiful things they also had.
Polly The new museum is so great! Now I can't wait to go check out the Atara City Museum as well. I heard it's the biggest museum in the Free Cities.
Presley The new museum will need to stock up on more relics and antiques. If you find any, you should go talk with Director Merlin.
Russo I think the new museum needs to include more things about the early history of Portia itself instead of just about relics from the Age of Corruption.
Toby Ms. Lucy told us to go the the Museum often, but I don't wanna. I want to see these relics in their original habitat, if you get what I mean.
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