The player must have completed Fixing the Fence and have access to the Tree Farm.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

On Summer Day 2, Dawa has a commission for Fish Porridge.

Dawa Hey Player, I want to eat some homemade Fish Stew but I'm terrible at cooking. Maybe you can make some for me? If you have the Cooking Set you'll be able to do it.
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass, too many things on my plate.
→  Sure, sounds easy.
Dawa Aw, thank you, thank you! My Grandmama used to add in some Fish, Eggs, and a bit of Salt, but I can never get it right!

Making Fish StewEdit

Fish Stew, also called Fish Porridge, can be cooked by using the Cooking Set and the following ingredients:

Cooking Set
Recipe Effect Ingredients
Restores 5% Max Icon SP
Restores 15 Icon SP
Item UnknownRandom Ingredient

1 Random Ingredient

Upon giving Dawa the Fish Porridge:

Dawa Oh I can smell it from here! It smells sooo good! My mouth can't stop watering!
Dawa Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this! My Grandmama had another fish recipe where she added in Banner Fish, Ginger, and Salt, I don't remember what it was called, but it was also delicious. Maybe you can try it sometimes.


Exp Experience +300
Gols Gols +30
Dawa Dawa: Relationship +10

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