The player must have completed Mission: Saving the Tree Farm.

Conduct of the missionEdit

After building the sprinkler system in the Tree Farm, Emily sends a letter to the player asking for a similar system for her farm.

Hey Player,
On one of my walks, I noticed what you built for Dawa and the Tree Farm. I was wondering if you could do something similar for our farm. Stop by sometime, so we can chat about it.

Stopping by to see Emily:

Emily Hey! Did you get my note? Watering the fields can be a real hassle, especially when Granny's back is acting up. Could you help me make an easier way of getting water?
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass, too many things on my plate.

Choosing "Sure, sounds easy.":

Emily Great! I was thinking we need a well and a way to pump the water out. That way, Granny doesn't have to strain her back so much.
You got it!
Emily Don't forget we'll need something to store the water we don't use right away.
I'll see what I can do.
Emily I'd check with the Research Center on building that well, they're the ones who helped the Civil Corps setup a well by the Clinic.

Ask PetraEdit

Petra A well and something to pump out the water, huh? Should be relatively easy. Bring me 5 Data Discs and I'll get started on the research.

Collect Data DiscsEdit

Upon collecting the Data Discs and giving them to Petra:

Petra You have them? great! It'll take a while to analyze all the data, I'll contact you when we have something.

Wait for DiagramEdit

Petra will send the diagram the following day after giving her the Data Discs.

Assemble and InstallEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials

Show EmilyEdit

Upon installing the Water Well and reporting back to Emily:

Emily This is wonderful! Thank you so much! I know Granny will be so happy.

Places of interestEdit

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