Fixing the Fence is a secondary mission.

This mission is part of the Tree Farm plotline.

  1. Fixing the Fence
  2. Panbat Infestation
  3. Saving the Tree Farm

Overview Edit

Required stations Edit

The player must have the following to complete the mission:

Conduct of the Mission Edit

During Spring of the first in-game year the player receives a letter from Dawa, the keeper of the Tree Farm:

Mail mission opened

From: Dawa

I'm Dawa, the keeper of the Portia Tree Farm. The last storm we had blew down some of the fencing. We're closed until it's fixed, so I need you to help me fix it as soon as possible. We'll need 5 wooden boards. Thank you

Deliver the Wooden Boards Edit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Civil Cutter
Item Time Materials
1h 30m

Upon delivery:

Dawa Oh thank you, thank you! This tree farm will be back in business in no time! Come on Aadit, let's get busy.

Rewards Edit

Exp Experience +500
Gols Gols +150
Dawa Dawa: Relationship +10


Some characters will comment on the Tree Farm closure while the mission is active:

Albert I hope the prices for wood doesn't go up, now that the Tree Farm is closed.
Gale I hope one of you Builders help Dawa fix his fence soon. The Tree Farm is an important income source for Portia.
Higgins Well, if I can't get wood delivered from the Tree Farm, I guess I'll need to go around to cut some trees. Dawa's too cheap, so I don't want to go fix his fence.
Mars It's so inconvenient with the Tree Farm closed. I hope Dawa gets his farm up soon.
Mei I heard the Tree Farm's closed. That's a big story!
Oaks Now that the Tree Farm's closed, I can't go in there to gather mushrooms. I hope it's fixed soon.
Presley I hope the Tree Farm opens up pretty soon, I've gotten many complaints about it already.
Qiwa Heard my bro Dawa was having some problems with his Tree Farm. Hope he gets if fixed soon!
Sanwa Dawa was asking me for help to fix his fence, but I'm not a Builder.
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