Conduct of the mission Edit

As the house had been abandoned prior to the player's arrival, the house had experienced some wear and tear. Broken floorboards make up half the house, resulting in the player receiving partial stamina regeneration upon waking up. The floorboards require repairing in order for the player to sleep comfortably and recover full stamina.

On the second day, when the player wakes up:

Oww, my head hurts. I didn't sleep well at all from all the breeze coming through the cracks last night.

Subsequent events:

This house is so worn, I need to fix it or I won't be getting a good night's sleep.

Repairing the floorboardsEdit

The player has to fix four cracks with Wood:

  • Fix this gap (3 Wood)
  • Fix this gap (3 Wood)
  • Fix this gap (10 Wood)
  • Fix this gap (20 Wood)

Upon fixing the floorboards:

All the gaps have been fixed, I'm finally going to have a good night's sleep.

Places of interestEdit


  • Recovers 100% stamina upon waking up


  • This mission does not have an official name nor is it recorded in the mission logs. As completing the mission is not required, it is considered a secondary mission but is not explicitly stated so.
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