Flower Shop Sign is a secondary mission‎.


The player must be Buddies (2 Heart) with Alice.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

The mission can be started by talking with Alice. She has something to say to the player.

Alice Oh, hello Player.
Hello. You look a bit down.
Alice Well...okay, lately, my flower shop just isn't doing well enough to support Jack and I. Not enough customers seem interested in stopping by, even for a gander.
Alice Perhaps my shop is lacking...appeal. I've been planning a makeover for my flower shop, but with my duties here and everything else that's going on, I just haven't found the time to do so.
Alice A... apologies in advance, and this may be asking a lot from you, but would you be willing to lend me a hand?
  • Okay, sure!
  • I'm sorry, I've got other things to do.
→  Okay, sure!
Alice Really? That's wonderful! Thank you Player!
Alice The first bit of improvement I wish to make is to craft a new shop sign. A nice colorful sign will hopefully attract more customers!
Alice Could you craft me a Flower Shop Sign? I have the crafting recipe right here. Bring it to me and we'll paint the sign together!
Flower Shop Sign +1
→  I'm sorry, I've got other things to do.
Alice I understand, sorry to have bothered you. Hope you can visit the shop again sometime.
This ends dialog, but the conversation can be continued by talking to Alice and selecting the mission Flower Shop Sign. Waiting several days without accepting the mission will cause the mission to permanently disappear.
Alice Would you be willing to lend me a hand?

Craft the SignEdit

The Flower Shop Sign can be crafted at the Worktable after the player reads the book Alice gave them:

Item Tab Materials
Furniture icon

After crafting the sign, upon speaking to Alice:

Alice All done? Let's design the sign together.

A short cut scene will play of Alice and the player painting the sign.

Alice Lovely! I think this new sign is a big step up for the shop, don't you think?


A couple days after completing this mission, Alice holds a big flower sale thanks to a good harvest. Alice wants to advertise her sale by putting up posters and handing out leaflets, commencing The Big Flower Sale.


Exp Experience +4000
Gols Gols +800
Prompt guild Reputation +10
Alice Alice: Relationship +10

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