There are no prerequisites to this mission.

There is a time limit of 14 days.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

Gust ...
What are you looking for?
Gust I'm looking for the Hibiscus Flower. There are usually a bunch in these parts around autumn, but I can't find any this year for some reason.
  • Do you want me to help? (Initiates mission)
  • Sorry for bothering you.
→  Sorry for bothering you.
Gust On subsequent chats
  • Do you want me to help? (Initiates mission)
  • I'll just pretend I didn't see that...

Search Around the WaterfallEdit

The player has to search around the waterfall nearby for the Hibiscus Flowers. Arriving at the scene, the player discovers a Smelly Mud.

There is a strange smell in the soil. Maybe this is why the Hibiscus Flower is not growing?

Tell GustEdit

Upon telling Gust of the Smelly Mud:

Gust Found anything?
I found this hardened soil, maybe it has to do with the flower not growing. Let me go ask around.
Gust Okay, thanks.

The player is given three different locations to inquire about the Smelly Mud:

Inquire about the SoilEdit

Talking to Petra:

Petra Hmm... I'm no expert, but topsoil usually needs time off to grow things again. Maybe it's one of those times.

Talking to Alice:

Alice The hardness level for this soil is off. Maybe it's seasonal... who knows! Either way, flowers can't grow in this.

Talking to Nora:

Nora Hmm, I can't see anything really wrong with this soil. Oh, looky here, there's still a healthy seed hiding in the soil. Maybe you can try planting it in some clean soil?
The Lucky Seed +1, Smelly Mud -1


With the Lucky Seed in hand, the player can plant this seed in a Small Planter Box to grow the White Hibiscus Flower. The flower will take 7 days to grow.

After the White Hibiscus Flower has fully grown and harvested, the player can take the flower to Gust. Upon talking to Gust:

Gust You found some flowers?! Thank you so much!
  • Why do you want to find this flower so badly?
  • No problem.
→  No problem.
Gust (Ends mission)
→  Why do you want to find this flower so badly?
Gust Uhm...
Gust Relationship +5
Gust April 1 is the day of my mother's death. Her favorite flower is the Hibiscus. So every autumn, I try to pick some for her.
  • ...
  • How did your mother pass?
→  ...
Gust (Ends mission)
Gust Relationship +5
→  How did your mother pass?
Gust Why are you always asking about things that have nothing to do with you? Are you looking to work for the Portia Times?
Gust Relationship -10


Exp Experience +500
Gols Gols +500

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