Conduct of the mission Edit

While discussing with Presley in front of the Workshop:

  • Presley "Here's the Workshop Handbook of your Pa's. Take your time, come to the Portia Commence Guild tomorrow, it's located around Peach Plaza, can't miss it."
  • Presley "As much as I'd like to give you a Builder License right away, you'll need to prove your worth through a couple of tests."
  • LindaMarco "Got it, tomorrow."
  • Presley "Anyway, I'll leave you be. Get some rest!"
  • LindaMarco "Bye Presley! Thanks for your help!"

Meet PresleyEdit

On the 2nd day, you'll go to the Commerce Guild:

  • Presley "PlayerName! Nice to see you. How are you settling in?" (Very well! / Well. / Not so good.)
  • Presley "Let me introduce you to the Commerce Guild."
  • Presley "We're the organization that orchestrates trade across the entire Free Cities region, this is the Portia branch. We're pretty busy throughout the year."

Places of interestEdit


  • Presley Relationship +10

Completion initiates the Mission: The Builder Test.