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Hazardous Ruins is a main mission that unlocks the Collapsed Wasteland.


This mission will not trigger until Spring 17; this mission is able to trigger on Spring 17 or any day after then. Interacting with the Collapsed Wasteland gate prior to Spring 17 displays the following message:

The Collapsed Wasteland is currently going through routine safety inspection by the Civil Corps, it will open on the 17th of this month. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There are no other prerequisites to this mission.

Conduct of the mission[]

The first time the player approaches the huge gate of Collapsed Wasteland, Sam stops the player from proceeding. Due to the dangerous nature of the Collapsed Wasteland, Sam wants to test the player to prove their worth: by sparring with one of the three Civil Corps members.

Sam.png Trying your luck with a Hazardous Ruin? This is a very dangerous area, you'll need to prove yourself worthy. You'll have to last a minute against a local Civil Corps officer in combat. There are three of us: me, Remington, and Arlo. Any one of us will do.

Spar with Civil Corps[]

The player needs to spar with only one of the Civil Corps members. To succeed in this mission, the player must either defeat their opponent or survive one minute of the match. Either method counts as a win, so the player may choose the Civil Corps member and sparring tactic that works best for them. Because the player can win the fight by simply surviving one minute, even players lower than level 13 can complete this mission.

The Civil Corps members begin at different levels at the beginning of My Time at Portia: Sam starts at level 25, Remington starts at level 28, and Arlo starts at level 30. All NPCs will automatically level up over time, so these characters may be higher than their base levels by the time the player spars them for this mission.

After winning against Sam:

Sam.png You're pretty good! Good enough that I don't have to worry too much.

After winning against Remington:

Remington.png You're pretty good! Good enough that I don't have to worry too much.

After winning against Arlo:

Arlo.png You're pretty good! Good enough that I don't have to worry too much.


After completing this mission, the player is granted complete access to the Collapsed Wasteland. Various missions involving the Collapsed Wasteland become available at a later point in the game.

Additionally, with access to the Collapsed Wasteland, the player is also able to enter the first of the Hazardous Ruins: the Sewage Plant.


Exp.png Experience +400
Sam.png Sam: Relationship +10
Remington.png Remington: Relationship +5
Arlo.png Arlo: Relationship +5
Access to Collapsed Wasteland