Hotpot for Two is a secondary mission.


The player must be dating Phyllis.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Phyllis asks the player to collect the materials to make a hot pot:

Phyllis The hot pot at the Winter Solstice celebration was just unforgettable! Even though from a professional stand point, I frown upon binge eating, I'd make an exception for this one, hehe! Say, want to make some hot pot? Just the two of us?
Phyllis Okay, I'll do the dirty work, you go gather some materials! Remember to get some mushrooms and chili peppers, they are my favorites.

Collect MaterialsEdit

The player needs to gather the following materials:

Once collected, the player has to bring the items to Phyllis to start a cutscene:

Phyllis Oh this will be good! Let's dig in!

Phyllis and the player will hangout near the Clinic while cooking a hotpot. Phyllis hints about her view on marriage:

Phyllis Hot pot is the best! There, I said it! It's just my all-time favorite.
Yes it is! And It's even better when shared with people you like.
Phyllis Haha, you're good at flirting! Do you do that with everyone?
Why? Are you against getting married?
Phyllis ...
Phyllis just can't rush things like this. By the way, the fish tastes really good, try some.


Exp Experience +1000
Gols Gols +200
Phyllis Phyllis: Relationship +20


  • After the mission ends the player can interact with the hotpot table with meat in their inventory to cook Tasteless Broth.
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