In Sickness is one of Ginger's romance missions.


The player must have completed A Gift for Brother and must be dating Ginger.

Access to the Eufaula Desert is required to complete the mission.

There is a time limit of five days.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Gust shows up at the player's Workshop in the morning:

Gust You!
Why are you so mad?!
Gust That's right, I'm livid! If anything happens to Ginger, I'll end you!
Gust Stop pretending you don't know! She got so stressed out from making that jewelry for you she passed out!
For me? That was for you...
Gust Take a look at it yourself! Do you really think it is for me?!
He throws an item at the player and leaves. The player gets Yu-Pei Made by Ginger. The mission starts and the player is tasked with going to Gale's house to check on Ginger.

Go see GingerEdit

When the player goes to Gale's they find Ginger in her room bedridden with Gale, Gust, Russo, and Dr. Xu gathered around her bed.

Xu She's tired of overworking herself and that's caused her condition to flare, it's nothing too serious. It's only that we're out of medicine for her condition. She'll be like this until I can make some more, I'm afraid.
Gale What type of medicine do you need? I can go ask around!
Xu I have all the other ingredients except for the Cactus Fruit. Cactus Fruit juice mixed with the other ingredients will get her to recover quickly.
I'll go look for them!

The player can offer to bring Dr. Xu the fruit.

Collect materialsEdit

Cactus Fruit can be obtained by logging cacti in the Eufaula Desert.

The mission successfully ends after the player bring Dr. Xu a Cactus Fruit.


Exp Experience +1000
Ginger Ginger: Relationship +40
Russo Russo: Relationship +20
Gale Gale: Relationship +20
Gust Gust: Relationship +10


  • Ginger cannot be interacted with while the mission is active and for several days after the player completes or fails it.
  • There is no penalty for failing the mission. Ginger will get better on her own and the next mission will start even if the player fails.
  • The player gets to keep Yu-Pei Made by Ginger after the mission. It can be worn in an accessory slot in the inventory to boost Resilience by 11%.
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