This mission is available sometime during Summer of Year 1. verify ]

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

After a stormy night a month prior to the player's arrival, McDonald's stable was damaged by the storm and needs repairing.

McDonald Oh, hey there Builder! I was just 'bout to ask you something!
McDonald Ya see, being an entrepreneur, I was running a service to rent out my animals for riding. But a month before you came, a storm blew through here and damaged my stable. That Higgins won't touch it since it's too small a job for his ego.
McDonald I was hopin' you could gimme a hand.
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass, too many things on my plate.
→  Sure, sounds easy.
McDonald Great, it's the stable in the corner over there, just patch it up whenever you can!

Repair the StableEdit

The following materials are required to complete this commission:

Civil Cutter
Item Time Materials
Civil Furnace
Item Time Materials
2h 24m

Talk with McDonaldEdit

After repairing the stable, tell McDonald.

McDonald Looks good as new! Almost! Nice one Builder! Really appreciated. I can open up my ride rental service again!


Following the completion of McDonald's Stable, the Rent-a-Horse service becomes available, allowing the player to rent or permanently purchase a horse for faster travel.

Mail normal opened

From: McDonald

Hey Builder,

Thanks once again for fixin' up my stable! I can start my rental service up again. If you want to rent a ride, just come to my ranch and place a reservation for a week. I can promise a fair price!


Exp Experience +300
Gols Gols +600
Prompt guild Reputation +10
McDonald McDonald: Relationship +20
Calf +2
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