Meet and Greet is a secondary mission.


The player must have completed Register workshop.

Conduct of the missionEdit

After registering the player's Workshop, Gale recommends the player meet the shop owners of Portia:

Gale Oh right, you should get to know some of the people living in this town for your own benefit. I've made a list of store owner within the city walls, you should go introduce yourself.

Meet the Shop OwnersEdit

The player can speak to the shop owners in any order.

NPCs may not always be in their shop and can be found wandering around Portia or outside its walls.

Dr. XuEdit

Dr. Xu is the local doctor of Portia, owning a clinic located at the top of the city near the Civil Corps building.

Xu Hey, Welcome to Portia. I'm pretty much the only doctor around here, so come see me when you need to heal up or buy health items. Here, have these as a welcome gift.
Xu Relationship +10, Herbs Herbs +3


Django is a chef and restaurant owner of The Round Table on Main Street.

Django Ohhoho, a new builder! Always nice to see young folks movin' in! If you need refreshments, I'm your man! Try this, it's on me this time!
Django Relationship +10, Lemon Juice Juice +1


Paulie is the muscular furniture maker and owner of Best Brother located in Central Plaza.

Paulie Welcome! Smallish builder! I sell furniture here in my store, so if you have any need for manly decors, you know where to find me.
Paulie And since I'm so manly, I'm going to give you this to get you started.
Paulie Relationship +10, Hardwood Hardwood +3


Mars is the husband of Carol and the owner of Total Tools, adjacent to Best Brother.

Mars Nice to have you. If you need tools or weapons, you can come to my shop. It's got the best selection around these parts.
Mars Now, you look like a nice kid, so I'm gonna give you these for free, as a leg up. Don't tell my wife though!
Mars Relationship +10, Stone Brick Stone Brick +2


Carol is the wife of Mars and the owner of the Clothing Store, located within the Total Tools building.

Carol Welcome to our little town, hope you have a wonderful time. My store sells clothing and costumes, so if you ever need to upgrade your armor or a suit for a date, come see me!
Carol Now, you look like a nice kid, so I'm going to give you something for free, as a leg up. Don't tell my husband though!
Carol Relationship +10, Fiber Cloth Fiber Cloth +2


Albert is a labor contractor and co-owner of A&G Construction, located in Peach Plaza.

Albert Welcome, if you're in need of house or workshop upgrades, this is the place to be. All you need to do is select a plan from the catalog book in our company.
Albert Relationship +10, Marble Marble +3


Sophie runs a ranch west of the player's workshop.

Sophie Hello, nice to meet you. If you have any need for food items or seeds, you can come right on by, you hear! Let me give you something as a welcome gift.
Sophie Relationship +10, Milk Milk +1


Exp Experience +50
Prompt guild Reputation +10

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