Moonlight Primrose is a secondary mission‎.


The player must be dating Xu.

There is no time limit to complete the mission.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the mission Edit

Dr. Xu has a mission for the player for pick up:

Xu No...this might not work. No. This definitely won't work.
Something bothering you?
Xu Ah,Player!I didn't notice you, I was deep in thought.
Xu Recently I've been cultivating some special herbs and it's not growing smoothly. I think it'll need some specific tool to help it grow.
Is there anything I can help with?
Xu Of course! If you can make some Cultivation Fence and a Spray Bottle, it will be of plenty help to me. Do you have the time?
  • Yeah, that's no problem at all!
  • Sorry, I got something else coming up.

Choosing the second option ends the conversation. The conversation can be continued at any time by talking to Xu and selecting the mission.

→  Yeah, that's no problem at all!
Xu Great. This is the Crafting Recipe I got from the Research Center. You should be able to understand it, right?
Cultivation Fence +1
Spray Bottle +1
This will begin the mission.

Craft Item Edit

The following items are required to proceed with the mission:

Item Tab Materials
Furniture icon
Parts icon

When the player delivers the items to Xu he says:

Xu I'm sorry, that's a lot of work for you. Thanks for helping me! With these the herbs should grow very well.
Glad to be of help.
Xu According to my book, there will be beautiful flowers when it blossoms. I'll invite you when that happens.

Wait for News Edit

In three days, the player will receive a letter:

Mail normal opened

From: Xu

Dear Player,

Due to your help, My herbs are growing very well. If everything goes as planned, it will blossom tonight! Come to the Clinic at around 21:00. It'll be exciting!

Meet at 21:00 Edit

Between 21:00 and 0:00 Dr. Xu will be waiting near the Clinic. When the player approaches him he says:

Xu You're here just in time! The cultivation area is not far from here. I'll take you there.

Dr. Xu will then lead the player to the cultivation area behind the Clinic and the Civil Corps building and to the right of the Abandoned Ruins #2. There will be a short cutscene, showing the flowers beginning to bloom:

Moonlight Primrose Blooming
Xu picking Moonlight Primrose
Xu Look, look! They're blossoming!
"Nice job... it's blossoming"
Xu I call it the Moonlight Primrose. My master found it in a very distant place. He sent me the seeds. It only blossoms under the shine of the full moon. It's a magical kind of plant. Not only can it cure diseases, but it also looks stunning, right?
Xu I have extracted enough herbs for me, why don't you take some.
Moonlight Primrose +1
What does it do?
Xu This herb is good for motion sickness! Like when you're on a boat or a bus.
On a bus?
Xu Right...well, you know, there's a very important patient of mine here in Portia. After all these years, Ginger still hasn't recovered from her sickness. Every time it comes back, it gets worse. We...don't have the technology or know-how to treat her disease.
Xu According to a letter from a colleague in Highwind, they've developed some new techniques from past texts, they might be helpful in curing Ginger.
Xu I'll need to goto Highwind to learn their technique. Perhaps in a bit I will leave Portia for a while, I don't know for how long. I'm going to miss everyone here in Portia....especially you.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Everyone here really appreciates you.
→  Take care of yourself.
Xu I...I just wanted to be with you a little longer.
→  Everyone here really appreciates you.
Xu Haha, I'm just happy you've always been supporting me.
Xu The fastest way to Highwind is by water first, but I get motion sickness every time. The Moonlight Primrose herb should be able to help with that.
Xu This is a beautiful view, I will remember it well. When I leave Portia, I'll look up at the moon and remember our time together.

This ends the mission.


A week after the player completes the mission the next mission will trigger, provided the player has high enough relationship level with Xu.

Rewards Edit

Exp Experience +500
Xu Xu: Relationship +40

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