My Eviction from Portia is a secondary mission.

This mission is part of the debt collectors plotline.


The player must have completed The Debt Collectors.

Conduct of the missionEdit

After waking up, the player finds their mailbox bent over with a threatening message from an unknown sender.

Mail normal opened

From: Anonymous

Little pest,
You might notice work is a little harder this morning without your precious mailbox. It'll be even harder to work without your Resource Box. Quit doing stuff around town like you're some sort of gift to Portia and leave.

I should probably report this to the Civil Corps...

Tell ArloEdit

Arlo What happened? You look troubled.
Someone smashed my mailbox. They left this note.
Arlo Threats and the destruction of property? This is a serious crime. Do you know anyone who might dislike you enough to do something like this?
  • ...Higgins?
  • No idea.
→  ...Higgins?
Arlo Right, you two are pretty tough competitors...
→  No idea.
Arlo You don't know? It's okay to speak up if you suspect someone. It will give us some pointers. But we'll investigate it thoroughly from there.
Arlo Thank you for coming forward, Player. We'll start looking into this immediately.


After completing this mission, the following day, the player's Resource Box is broken attached with another threatening letter; My Eviction from Portia 2 commences.

Mailbox repairEdit

The mailbox can be repaired during or after the mission, by interacting with the mailbox. The following materials are needed to fix the mailbox:

Mail cannot be viewed until the mailbox is fixed.


Exp Experience +500


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