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Parting is a secondary mission that can only occur if the player is married to Ginger and her disease stabilization plotline is not adhered to.

This mission is part of Ginger's disease deterioration plotline.

  1. Collect Items
  2. Parting


Parting triggers soon after the completion of Collect Items.

Warning: If the player is not married to Ginger and does not adhere to her stabilization plotline, then the deterioration plotline will not trigger and the player will simply get a letter in the mail about Ginger's passing on Winter 20th, five years after completing The Builder Bout. verify ] Additionally, it is not possible to divorce Ginger after the questline begins, as the player can no longer gift her a Broken Mirror.[1]

Conduct of the mission[]

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Wait to Go[]

Talk with Ginger[]

To the Beach[]

The player is to take Ginger to the Western Beach. Ginger will be unable to ride on the player's mount (if any) during this time, so if the player rides to the beach, Ginger will follow the player and teleport to the player's position if they get too far away from her.

Once at the beach, a cutscene plays, showing Ginger speaking to the player. She weakly lays her head on the player's shoulder, and the scene fades to black and ends. Immediately after, the next day will begin, showing the player, Gale, Gust, and Russo at Ginger's funeral.[1]


After completing Parting, the player will attend Ginger's funeral.

After her death, the player finds Ginger's diary, containing drawings and written entries about how happy she was for meeting the player, as well as her sorrow about her failing health. The diary is found automatically and can be accessed from the photo album menu at any time.[1]

Ginger's relationship with the player also changes to Deceased Wife.[1] The player keeps any children they may have had with Ginger, and can remarry if they wish. verify ]

A number of characters will mention her or offer their condolences when meeting the player:

Russo.png Miss Ginger...
Higgins.png I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to lose family.
Merlin.png It's times like these I wish that we could hurry up and dig out all the old technologies of the world. Ginger wouldn't have died if she was living before the Age of Darkness.
Oaks.png Ginger used to tell me different many different stories. Will I ever get to see her again? Death sounds so final.
Toby.png So will Ginger be able to see my Pa now?
Lee.png I don't know how to console you, it's tough. Ginger is with God now.
Mint.png You must feel awful.
Django.png I feel so bad for the mayor, to lose his wife and daughter.
Albert.png Ginger was such a nice girl...
Presley.png It's so sad! Ginger had such a bright future ahead of her.
Remington.png My condolences.
Sam.png My condolences.
Arlo.png My condolences.
Phyllis.png Poor Ginger.
Xu.png Poor Ginger.


Mission 1:

  • Exp.png Experience +2000

Mission 2:

  • Exp.png Experience +10000