Peace in Politics 2 is a secondary mission.


The player must have completed Peace in Politics.

Conduct of the missionEdit

The mission starts when the player talks to Mint:

Mint Good timing, something came up.
Mint I don’t know how, but apparently Gust caught on to what we’re doing...
Mint ... And he got really mad at me. I thought it was because we were asking around about him, but then he told me to stop trying to barge in on his family.
Mint I tried to ask him what he meant by that, but he’s been ignoring me ever since.
  • Want me to talk to him?
  • Did you apologize?
→  Want me to talk to him?
Mint No, I’ve asked you for enough. I don’t want to hurt your relationship with him.
Relationship +5
→  Did you apologize?
Mint Did you apologize?
What if you gave him his favorite thing as a peace offering?
Mint A peace offering? I mean... I guess that could work. What should we prepare?
  • Old World Architectural Book (+20 relationship reward)
  • Bacon Fish Roll
  • Umbrella
  • No idea.

The player needs to obtain one of the listed items, based on the player's response.

→  Old World Architectural Book
Mint You told me about this before. This should cheer him up!
Mint Thanks for the help. But I'm not sure how to ruin dive... can you find an Old World Architectural Book for me? I'll be sure to compensate you!
Sure sounds easy.
→  Bacon Fish Roll
Mint He likes Bacon Fish Rolls, huh? I think I know the recipe...but getting the ingredients might be a challenge without Gust noticing.
Mint I don’t want to impose again...But do you mind? I’ll make it worth your time.
Sure sounds easy.
→  Umbrella
Mint An umbrella, huh? That'd be easy for a builder like you to make right? Let me put in a commission!
Mint Sure sounds easy.

Obtaining the itemEdit

Based on the player's response, the player needs to obtain one of the following:

After bringing Mint the item:

Mint Thanks! This is exactly what I needed.
Mint I need to figure out how to get this to Gust tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes later.
Mint Thank you so much, please accept this. I’m not good at this, so I hope you like it.
Relationship +20 (Old World Architectural Book mission only)


Talking to Mint the next day prompts this dialogue:

Mint I ended up chickening out on actually giving it to him... I just left a note and the gift on his desk. I'm kind of embarrassed... but he didn't throw it out, so that's good.
Relationship +5
Mint I hope Gust doesn't dislike me too much. I really look up to Mr. Gale, so I hope his family can accept me.

Talking to Gust the next day prompts this dialogue:

Gust You and Mint were asking around about my likes, right? I heard all about it. Then a mysterious gift with a note lands on my desk. Albert’s been giving me a hard time since.
Gust I don’t even need to guess to know it’s from Mint, only he’s so devious. It’s all because he wants to have a good relation with my father, or else why would he need to get on my good side?
  • He just wants to get to know you better.
  • Gale just wants you two to get along.
→  He just wants to get to know you better.
Gust Really now...
Relationship +5
→  Gale just wants you two to get along.
Gust My Father wants the whole world to get along.


Exp Experience +500
Gols Gols +1000
Mint Mint: Relationship +10

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