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Photos of Portia is a secondary mission. It triggers after the player has completed News Camera.

This mission is part of the Portia Times plotline.

  1. Read All About It!
  2. News Camera
  3. Photos of Portia
  4. An Interview of Gale
  5. An Interview with the Research Center
  6. An Interview with the Church of the Light

Conduct of the mission[]

After acquiring Merlin's Camera, Mei sends the player a letter asking to take several pictures.

Hey Player,
Now you have a camera and I have a shiny new printing press, it's time for us to team up and make some articles on local events and people!
First, to celebrate the new upgrades you made for the Portia Times, it's(sic) seems right to have the first article be about our work together!
I need a photo of:
1. Me and you!
2. The Outside of the Portia Times
3. The Printing Press
Let me know when you've finished!

Take Photos[]

Three photos must be taken for this mission:

The selfie can be initiated by interacting with Mei and selecting the Camera option. The other two images should instead be initiated with the dedicated Camera button. If the dedicated Camera button is used, the player's model can be rendered invisible by pressing the Camera button again. Regardless of activation method, the player can freeze time to capture shots as desired while the photography mode is active.

Icon Take Photo.png Controls
Controller Initiate Camera Mode
& Toggle Player Model
Freeze/Unfreeze Time
PC (keyboard) Z key C key
PS4 R2 button  verify ]
Switch ZR button L button
Xbox RT button  verify ]

Once in Camera mode, the player may need to zoom the camera in or out in order to make the Check mark.png icon and blue outline appear on the target. If the player has already taken a photo of the target while the green check mark was visible, then the old picture can be used and the player does not have to take a new picture.

As of Steam version 2.0.134712, the photography function may not work correctly during photography missions if the player clicks on the Icon Take Photo.png Take photo icon in their Album tab. Instead, using Z to activate the camera may make it function correctly.

Photo examples[]

The following are examples of photos that were accepted for the mission (as well as by the Photo Album).

After all the photos are successfully taken, the player must talk to Mei to complete the mission and get their rewards.

Mei.png These photos look great! Look for my article at the start of next week!


After the mission is complete, the player can read Mei's new article, featuring the photos that the player took, on the Portia Times billboard.


Exp.png Experience +400
Gols.png Gols +400
Mei.png Mei: Relationship +30