Phyllis's Remedy is a secondary mission.


The player must have completed The Bassanio Lift.

There is a time limit of 7 days to complete the mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

The mission can be started by talking to Dr. Xu:

Xu Ever since the water's been polluted, people here have been getting ill. Stomach aches, throwing up, things like that. Basically water poisoning.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Xu Well now, yes, actually! Phyllis has been working on a new antitoxin for a while now. It has some effect on the stomach aches but she thinks it needs a better primer to maximize it. We're considering the use of Bamboo Papayas. If you have time, please find some for her to test out. I think there are some wild Bamboo Papayas over in the Collapsed Wasteland.
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass. There are too many things on my plate right now.

The mission starts upon selecting the first option.

Collect MaterialsEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

As Dr. Xu stated, the player can either find wild Bamboo Papaya in the Collapsed Wasteland or grow the Bamboo Papaya themselves during Summer.

Phyllis Thank you! These will be a big help! Time to get busy!


Exp Experience +450
Gols Gols +60
Phyllis Phyllis: Relationship +10
First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit (3)

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