Phyllis's Remedy is a secondary mission. It triggers after starting The Bassanio Lift miission.

There is a time limit of 7 days to complete the mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

The mission can be started by talking to Dr. Xu:

Xu Ever since the water's been polluted, people here have been getting ill. Stomach aches, throwing up, things like that. Basically water poisoning.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Xu Well now, yes, actually! Phyllis has been working on a new antitoxin for a while now. It has some effect on the stomach aches but she thinks it needs a better primer to maximize it. We're considering the use of Bamboo Papayas. If you have time, please find some for her to test out. I think there are some wild Bamboo Papayas over in the Collapsed Wasteland.
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass. There are too many things on my plate right now.

The mission starts upon selecting the first option.

Collect MaterialsEdit

As Dr. Xu stated, the player can either find wild Bamboo Papaya in the Collapsed Wasteland or grow the Bamboo Papaya themselves during Summer.

Phyllis Thank you! These will be a big help! Time to get busy!


  • First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit
    3 First Aid Kits
  • Phyllis Relationship +10
  • Exp Experience +450
  • Gols Gols +60
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