Read All About It! is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Portia Times plotline.

  1. Read All About It!
  2. News Camera
  3. Photos of Portia
  4. An Interview of Gale
  5. An Interview with the Research Center
  6. An Interview with the Church of the Light


There are no prerequisites to this mission.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

One day, Mei sends the player a letter:

Mail normal opened

From: Mei

Hey Builder,
If you have time, can you come to our Portia Times' office on Main Street? I have a proposition for you.

The player needs to report to Mei at the Portia Times.

Mei Hey there Builder-welder, have you visited our Portia Times office before? It doesn't look like much, right?
Mei That's because we're under funded. HQ is completely ignoring us as they don't think it's even worth having a newspaper in Portia, because 'nothing ever happens there.' But, I'm gonna change that!
Mei I have a plan to make the Portia Times one of the best in the Free Cities! And you're going to help me do it!
Mei Yeah, the other Builders around here all found different excuses to avoid helping me. Because they know we can't offer money. Higgins even straight up said 'get a budget first,' that jerk. So, you're my only hope!
  • Alright, what do you want me to do?
  • I'm actually kind of busy as well...
→  Alright, what do you want me to do?
Mei I knew you're the reliable type! Here's the thing, ever since I've been here, Erwa and I have been hand-copying all of our articles. That means we have less time out there gathering news!
Mei If you can make me something that can copy our articles faster, that'd be a great place to start!
I'll ask the Research Center and see if they have something in mind.

Ask PetraEdit

Petra Mei needs a helping hand copying her articles? Sounds like she needs a Printing Press. Uhmm, that shouldn't be too hard, bring me 5 Data Discs and I'll get started.

Collect Data DiscsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Upon giving Petra the Data Discs:

Petra That should be enough, I'll get started right away. I'll send word when I'm done!

Wait for the DiagramEdit

Petra will take one day to send you the diagram for the Printing Press.

Build a Printing PressEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Level 1 Assembly StationLevel 1 Assembly Station Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials


Sometime after completing this mission, Mei needs a camera to take pictures for the paper. This initiates News Camera.

Eventually, following Mei's requests for pictures of various subjects, Mei pays the player for helping her out.


Exp Experience +2000
Prompt guild Reputation +80
Mei Mei: Relationship +30

Trivia Edit

  • Up until the completion of this mission, Mei and Erwa did everything for the newspaper by hand, including pictures.
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