Red-Hot Hotpot is a secondary mission.


The player must have completed The Perfect Trap.

There is a time limit of 20 hours.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Huss and Tuss have been released from the Civil Corps jail cell. The duo are in Peach Plaza with some food baskets. After approaching the two, they claim to have bought the food legally using their hard-earned money and have not stolen anything in weeks. They invite the player to a hotpot in their newly built home in Bassanio Heights.

Tuss Wah! Don't startle us like that. We're not doing anything wrong - we bought this food with our own money!
Huss Yeah, our own money. We worked hard for it.
Tuss And we earned it legally, thank you very much. This food is our hard-earned treat!
Huss We've been real good. Haven't stolen anything in weeks! We even built a new house for ourselves!
Tuss Hush, you! But it's true... we've been regular, law-abiding citizens lately. This food is going in a hot pot to celebrate our virtue, success, and the new house. Not everybody has the strength of character to live this way, it's true. My brother and I are doing something exceptional.
Tuss In fact, as a show of my graciousness, why don't you come along, too? The more, the merrier, they say! You can have no company greater than the fabulous brothers, Tuss and Huss!
Huss Yeah, come along! We'll be in our brand new house getting things ready until then. It's on the Bassanio Heights.
Tuss Bring in some more meat though, we're kinda low on money.

Bring MeatEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Meat can be obtained through various means, such as hunting creatures including Colorful Llamas and Desert Hoppers.

Huss Hey bro, are you sure it's safe to be doing this with real fire... inside? Isn't that dangerous?
Tuss Quiet! Everyone cooks inside their home, why can't we?
Huss We should have invited Ms. Sam as well!
Tuss Oh, you did bring food! That is so considerate of you, yes! You are a classy one indeed.
Meat Meat -6

Tuss puts the Meat into the cooking pot. The strength of the fire increases, unbeknownst to Tuss. Huss tries to gather Tuss's attention on the growing fire.

Huss Hey, boss, the fire is getting kinda high over here...
Tuss What a shame, though! Some of our ingredients seem to be missing. If only we had something like salt, and probably some bamboo papaya...
Huss Hey, Tuss! I think there's a problem over here!

The fire engulfs the entire house. Remington appears and helps put out the fire. Unfortunately, they could not save the house.

Tuss Wah! How terrible. How does the world expect us to be good people when we suffer such bad luck?
Tuss Life is unfair. But, thank you for the meat, I guess... we'll keep it as a compensation.


Exp Experience +500
Gols Gols +500

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