Rescue in Ingall's Mine is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Eufaula Desert plotline.

  1. The Portia Bridge
  2. The Eufaula Tunnel
  3. Rescue in Ingall's Mine
  4. The Driller


The player must have completed the tunnel investigation part of The Eufaula Tunnel mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Ingall's Mine exterior

Ingall's Mine

After the incident at Eufaula Tunnel, Remington and the player need to rescue Arlo, Sam, and Mint, who have been trapped inside the collapsed tunnel. Remington and the player seek out an alternative entrance via the old abandoned mine, Ingall's Mine.
Remington Ready to go?
  • Let's do it!
  • On second thought...
→  Let's do it!
Remington Ok, here we go.
→  On second thought...
Remington Come on!

Remington and the player enter the mines.

Remington Before the founding of Portia, a few miners came around here to look for relics. Someone thought it was a good idea to dig into a shaft left over from the Age of Darkness. Strangely enough, it didn't work out well for them so they decided to seal it up. No one has been down here for a long time...
Remington Take this, you might need it in here.
Corps' Hammer Corps' Hammer +1

Explore the MineEdit

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Remington engages upon sight

The area is highly infested with monsters, mainly Cell Worms and Tunnel Worms. Remington will fight enemies on sight.

Several treasure chest can be found inside the mines:

Remington and the player explore the mines, eventually stumbling upon a switch.

Upon stumbling onto a switch:

Remington It's a switch, for a door somewhere?
Remington We'll need some power stones for this to work.

Find Power StonesEdit

Power Stones can be found throughout the mines. The player needs 3 Power Stones to activate the switch. They can be found in the following areas:

  • Inside mine carts or on the ground
  • Defeating enemies

Activate the SwitchEdit

Upon placing the 3 Power Stones into the switch:

Remington That worked.

A gate opens up somewhere.

Dive Deeper into the MineEdit

Remington So, these are the old shafts... I know you can handle yourself, but we need to be extra careful now.
Remington It's said that there were people left underground from the old days down here. The rumors say that they're no longer human, and have become something else... Creepy, right? We actually followed some leads down here, not too long ago, and found nothin'. So I don't think it's true.

Eventually, they come across a humanoid boss called Chief Honcho.

Boss Chief Honcho
Chief Honcho
Level 34
Animal FatAnimal Fat Animal Fat x10
Delicate FurDelicate Fur Delicate Fur x5

SeaweedSeaweed Seaweed x1
ClothCloth Cloth x20

The two venture deeper into the mines, stumbling upon another switch that opens up the next gate. They find Sam's boxing glove in an area full of defeated monsters.

Rescue Sam's gloves
Remington "That's Sam's boxing glove! They must have passed through here!
Remington Sam?! Arlo?!
Remington ...
Remington We must be on the right track, come on!
(Remington picks up Sam's boxing gloves.)

The two find another switch that opens another gate that leads to the final room. Remington and the player find Sam, Arlo, and an injured Mint with a robot in the center of the room, the Rock-on.

Sam Remi!
Arlo Just in time, come on, we need to handle this thing!

Kill the BossEdit

Sam, Arlo, and Remington (as well as the player, if they wish to participate) fight the Rock-on.

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Crossing the rope to get the chest, temporarily ignoring the boss below


  • In the Rock-on room, there is a blue chest that can be accessed by walking from the walkway, over a suspended crate, and across the ropes. It contains the relic Sunny Side. The player can opt to get the chest either before or after the fight.
Boss Rock-on
Level 38
Manganese Steel BarManganese Steel Bar Manganese Steel Bar x15

DiamondDiamond Diamond x2
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits Simple Circuits x3

Mint This must be the thing causing the trembles!
What was that thing?
Mint I think it must have been awakened by our drilling. An AI machine lying dormant from the past... like something you'd find in the Peripheries. Look at all these marks it made on the ceiling! That must have the source of the quakes.
Remington Looks like we got here in just in the nick of time!
Arlo You've no idea! I thought we were gonna be crushed!
Remington All thanks to Builder Player, we had to get through a lot of fillings to get to this point. How did you end up here anyhow?
Sam We were looking for a way out. Mint thought there was a draft coming through here.
Mint That door.

Leave the MineEdit

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Everyone leaves the mine:
Arlo We're out!
Sam Hahaha, that was a scary ride!
Remington Come on, the mayor must still be worried.

Gale, along with Xu, Gust, Albert, and Higgins rush towards the group.

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Mint Mayor Gale!
Gale Ah!
Gale How did you get out?
Arlo It's a long story, but we're safe now. We managed to figure out what was causing the earthquakes...
Gale So that's what's causing the quakes! I can't believe there are still such dangerous things lurking about down there. I must write to Atara right away, and have them send someone to check out the shafts below for any more danger.
Gale What about the tunnel? Can it still be salvaged?
Mint I think so. I'll do an assessment, then get back to you.
Gale Well, I'm glad everyone's alright, that's the important thing. And thank you for helping out Player!


Exp Experience +1400
Gols Gols +1600
Remington Remington: Relationship +20
Arlo Arlo: Relationship +20
Sam Sam: Relationship +20
Mint Mint: Relationship +20


  • During Early Access, the first boss in the mine was Bikini Flippers instead of Chief Honcho.

NPC comments about the missionEdit

Some characters have unique lines after the rescue:

Aadit There were a lot of dangerous relics where I used to live. Countries would fight over their possession and many would suffer. I'm glad the people here aren't into profiteering.
Ack I'm sorry I wasn't of much help with your last mission. I'm not a combat AI. Though if I were, I don't think the people here would like me very much.
Albert I'm glad you're all right. Mint's also doing okay last time I checked. We'll be proceeding with the tunneling soon. Hopefully that'll be the end of our troubles.
Alice You're not hurt are you? Sam told me you guys almost didn't make it. Minister Lee's right, we truly do live in a dangerous world.
Antoine You have some bad luck. First a giant talking rodent, now a ancient drilling robot. But hey, you're getting better and better at this Builder business everyday.
Arlo I'm glad we got out of that ordeal without anyone getting hurt. I didn't get to say this earlier, but thanks for sticking your neck out and coming to our rescue back there.
Carol I heard about your ordeals in the Eufuala Desert. I'm reconsidering if I should let Ms. Lucy take my girls over there on a field trip.
Dawa There are several ruins around the Tree Farm. People have always feared that some relic monster will burst out of one of 'em. But have faith, I can take care of 'em by myself!
Django My, my, young one! You must tell me all about your heroic rescue mission in Ingall's Mine! I heard you even had a run-in with a Chief Honcho. You don't see those too often.
Emily I'm so glad you didn't get hurt. I was so worried after I heard that the tunnel collapsed.
Erwa The Free Cities don't allow any of the Church's Enforcers on our territories. If we did, they'd go in and take care of these ancient dangers. But then again, there are bad rumors relating to them, so it's best we keep it the way it is.
Gale An inspector from Atara will be coming here shortly to help us find and identify any other dangerous relics around Portia. We're going to make sure our city is a safe place for our folks to live in.
Ginger So there really were monsters in Ingall's Mine. I'm so glad you got out safely. I'll want to hear more about your heoric rescue effort when you have the time.
Higgins I'm going to go easy on you for the time being, rival. I don't want you to think I beat you in the rankings because you got pushed around by some ancient robot.
Isaac Did you want to know the history of Ingall's Mine? In Dunkun's "History of the Great Migration," he mentioned that Ingall and his clan wanted to make a fortune off of engine relics. Their initial foray into the mine was fairly profitable. Somewhere along the way, they opened a tunnel to a dangerous area, and the rest is, well, history.
Jack I think on the day Ms. Lucy takes us on the field trip to the desert, I'll pretend to be sick.
Lee Sometimes I wish we had the Church Enforcers here in Portia. Their mission is to go around and destroy dangerous ancient relics. But alas, they don't have juristiction here in the Free Cities.
Lucy I think I'll still take my students on that field trip to the desert. We'll just be keeping away from the ruins.
Mars Sometimes, after hearing the tales from the Civil Corps, I'm glad I'm just a store owner. I'm not cut out for most of their adventures.
Martha My late husband mentioned before that there were some dangerous critters out in the desert. I'm sorry you had to run into one of them.
McDonald Heard 'bout your adventure in Ingall's Mine. When I was young, I was foolish enough to enter that mine as well. Took seven steps before I ran out! Wahaha!
Mei You know what, Player, next time you go on some adventure, take me with you. You always seem to stumble upon interesting events!
Merlin I wanted to go down Ingall's Mine to see if I can find any other interesting relics, but the Civil Corps won't let me.
Mint I'm okay, I'm okay. Thanks for coming to our rescue! This head wound is nothing. Oh! I'm getting a little woozy, time for a nap.
Molly I knew we shouldn't go over to the desert, it's super dangerous!
Nora We live in such a dangerous world. The robot relic you defeated probably isn't the only one around Portia. I pray God protects all of us.
Oaks I saw a couple of Desert Hoppers hop over the bridge to this side of the Portia River. I had to give 'em the mean face to scare them off.
Paulie When I heard you guys needed help, I got there as fast as I could. But it seems like you already took care of the problem is a manly way!
Petra Glad you're okay! Did you find any interesting relics down there in Ingall's Mine?
Phyllis Mint suffered a minor head wound, he should be fully recovered soon enough.
Polly I hope Ms. Lucy will still take us over to visit the desert. It's not like we'll be entering Ingall's Mine.
Presley I'm so glad you're okay! Gale said he would be asking the Alliance Government to help us find and neutralize any more of these dangerous relics around Portia.
Remington You did great in Ingall's Mine. I now see you as an honorary member of the Corps!
Sam Thanks for the rescue, I owe you one.
Sanwa Siwa and I went to the edge of Ingall's Mine before. We never had the guts to go inside.
Siwa I have been living in the desert for a long time, and I have never seen a dangerous relic.
Sonia I had a nightmare that a robot creature burst through the ruins beneath us and destroyed Django's restaurant while I was eating goat cheese! I hate goat cheese!
Toby I heard you beat a big haunted robot in the abandoned mine! I wish I was there! I'm ready to take on haunted robots as well!
Wuwa There are dangerous relics everywhere. You never know when you're going to stumble upon on, so you've always gotta be careful. Or you can be like me and live mostly on water.
Xu Mint only suffered a minor injure, so he should be all right. Are you okay?


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