Important: it is recommended the player obtains 50,000 Gols needed for this mission before the Autumn Festival if they want to get the Pumpkin Room and the achievement. If the player fails to start this mission on the festival day, the following day the opportunity to pay Albert to start it will disappear.

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Room for a Princess is a secondary mission.


The player must be soulmates with Emily but cannot be married to her.

The player must have completed Winning the Autumn Festival.

The player must have at least 50,000 Gols available to start the mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

After Emily wins the competition during Winning the Autumn Festival Albert will have a mission for the player:

Albert Hey Player, been meaning to talk to you. You know how Emily gave you her pumpkin? You must mean a lot to her. So? How about you?
Albert Being a romantic ladykiller myself, I've got a sure-fire marriage proposal idea for you. Wanna hear it?
Albert Ok, listen to this! The Pumpkin Princess is huge right? We at A&G are interested in making it into a small room. With that as a proposal gift, I don't think she can refuse!
Albert We can make it and set it up for you, you just need to show up for the proposal. Of course, there are no free lunch.
So how much would it cost?
Albert We're long time collaborators, so I won't beat around the bush. 50,000 Gols.
  • Alright, do it, don't disappoint!
  • I'm going to think about it.
→  Alright, do it, don't disappoint! (if the player has the money)
Albert Don't worry, leave it to me.
→  Alright, do it, don't disappoint! (if the player does not have the money)
Albert Uhmm, come back when you have the money. You're proposing to a lady! Gotta have some money ready, you know?
→  I'm going to think about it.
Albert Okay, if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

The mission will not start until the player pays Albert. The player have to pay Albert and start the mission before the end of the day since the opportunity to start the mission and get the Pumpkin Room disappears next morning.

Waiting on AlbertEdit

The mission begins when the player pays Albert 50,000 Gols. Next morning Albert sends the player the following letter:

Mail normal opened

From: Albert

We've finished construction on the Pumpkin Room. Let's make the proposal location in front of her house tomorrow at dusk. You've gotta keep her away from there before that time so we can set it up! Or else it'll ruin the surprise! Take her on a date to the waterfall or something, waste some time. Come back after dusk.

This completes the first part of the mission. The player gets +500 Experience.

Keep Emily Busy TomorrowEdit

The player needs to talk to Emily next morning. Emily follows them to the Bassanio Falls.

Emily It's so pretty! Thanks for bringing me here.
Do you remember the first time we met?
Emily Sure! When I knew you were coming, I was both excited and scared. What if you turned out to be a not-so-nice-person?
Emily But all that worry went away when I met you. You're really sweet.
I aim to please!
Emily I'll tell you a secret. I was actually pretty happy when my chick ran over to your house that one time.
Oh really...
Emily Wow! Now I'm embarrassed!
Emily Wow, look at the time, it's already evening.

Emily follows the player back to Sophie's Ranch.

Take Emily HomeEdit

Once Emily and the player arrive at Sophie's ranch they see Sophie and McDonald in front of the Pumpkin Princess House. A cutscene starts:

Emily Oh wow!
Emily, we've been through a lot together. Over that time, I've fallen in love with you. Will you move into the pumpkin room with me and continue our fairy tale? Will you marry me?
Emily Yes! I will! I'd love to!

Emily and the player kiss.

Sophie The Pumpkin House? When did this thing get built? I can't seem to remember.
McDonald Albert was working on it the entire afternoon. You even called him a handsome boy, hahaha!
Granny Sophie, can I ask your granddaughter's hand in marriage?
Sophie I remember you, you're a good child. I'll let you two decide!
McDonald Congrats you two!
Emily Thank you!

This ends the mission.


After the ending cutscene Emily's and the player's wedding will be scheduled for the next morning.

The player can reclaim the Pumpkin Room after the mission by interacting with it. It can be placed in the Workshop and acts like a small room the player can decorate with furniture.


Part 1:
Exp Experience +500

Part 2:
Exp Experience +500
Emily Emily: Relationship +30


  • Completing this mission earns the player A Fairy Tale Ending achievement.


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