Run QQ Run! is a secondary mission.


The player must be Friends (4x Heart) with Gust.

There is a time limit of 20 hours.

Conduct of the missionEdit

In the morning after the player leaves their house, a cutscene with Gust and QQ will play.

Gust QQ... hey!
What's going on? What happened to QQ?
Gust This stupid pig only knows how to sleep and eat, it's getting outrageously fat. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to make him exercise.

The player has two options:

  • Want me to give it a try?
  • Exercising a pig? Haha, is that even possible?
→  Want me to give it a try?
Gust Alright, here, take the stupid pig. He'll follow you anywhere with this. Let's see what you can do.
Gust Relationship +5
Apple on a Stick Apple on a Stick +1
The mission starts choosing the first option.
→  Exercising a pig? Haha, is that even possible?
Gust Well, that ended our conversation quickly.
Gust Relationship -10
The mission ends choosing the second option.

Take QQ for a RunEdit

The player will then receive the Apple on a Stick item from Gust. While it is put in the active slot, QQ will follow the player. However, if the player moves too far away from him, he will stop following them, so the player should either walk or occasionally check on QQ to make sure he's still following them. The player needs to walk or run to the indicated points on the map with QQ following them.

Find GustEdit

The player needs to return to Gust and speak to him to complete the mission.

Gust I can't believe you actually came up with a solution, bravo.
You didn't think all I knew was how to build, right?
Gust Maybe not...
Do you speak like this to everyone?
Gust Oh yeah, I'm a straight shooter.
Okay, then let me shoot one at you, you don't seem like someone that would raise a pig.
Gust This pig was given to me by my master, Vera. She said that I was too boring and raising a pet might help me 'expand my horizons.'
Gust I still get a feeling this was just a prank to her.
Seems like you really respect your master.
Gust Master Vera is a superbly talented academic at the Vicent Design Institute. The deconstructive architecture design she champions is never rigid, she's always boldly using space and shapes in imaginative ways. I admire her very much, but I want to surpass her, and become a master in my own right one day!
Did you become involved in architectural design because of her?
Gust I once read an ancient book called 'People and Structures of the Times'. Basically, it states that people can't escape the natural laws of life and death, but buildings can live long into history.
Gust My dream is to design and build great buildings for future generations to remember. Whenever people see them, they'll think of the wisdom and sweat of the people in the current era. This is the eternal charm of architecture!

The player has two options:

  • I completely understand your desire to pursue your dream.
  • ...

Selecting the first option:

Gust Thank you. You know how to talk.
Gust Relationship +5

Subsequent timesEdit

This mission can be repeated three times.

The player can start the mission again by speaking with Gust when he has a mission marker above his head:

Gust Why don't you take QQ for some exercise today as well?
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass. There are too many things on my plate right now.

Upon selecting the first option, the player will have to take QQ to the same places as before.

Gust Not bad, you really have some determination.
Gust Relationship +10
Gols Gols +500

Final timeEdit

After finishing QQ's walk for the final time:

Gust You know, QQ seems to be healthier now, whatever you did worked. Albert got me this when he went to Walnut Groove and I have no need of it. Why don't you take it?
Gust Relationship +20
Brooch Brooch

After receiving the Brooch, you can approach Albert about it.

Albert What is it?
  • Gust gave me this accessory, did you bring it back from Walnut Groove?
  • Have you seen this accessory before?
  • Nevermind, I don't have anything to ask.
Albert Uh? An accessory? Let me see.

Selecting the first option:

Albert Ooo... yeah! I was... on a trip to Walnut Groove and I bought that! Because that's what you do in Walnut Groove, you buy your pals accessories... yes.

Selecting the second option:

Albert Hmm, don't believe I have. From the look of it, it's from Walnut Groove. Where did you get it?


Exp Experience +500
Gols Gols +500
Gust Gust: Relationship +20

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