Russo's New Recipe is a Secondary mission.


Check on Django and see what he's busy with.

Conduct of the missionEdit

  • Russo "Where did he go...?"
  • Marco"Are you looking for someone?"
  • Russo"Ms. Ginger's hasn't had much of an appetite recently, so I've been trying to get Django to come

up with a new recipe. He's agreed to do it, but nothing's come of it so far. I've already asked him twice, and he always said he's busy but he'll have it soon. It's been a week already!"

  • Russo"I don't want to be pushy, so I don't want to go bug him yet again. Can you have a talk with him?

See what he's up to exactly for him to be so busy."

  • Choice 1: Sure, sounds easy.
  • Choice 2: I'll pass. There are too many things on my plate right now.

Russo has asked you to find Django Django (0/1)

  • Django "Oh hello Builder! Me? Ahahaha, I've been practiciing my swordsmanship especially hard recently! I took on two more young pupils! If I don't shape up, how can I be a good master?"
  • Marco Linda "Did you finish the recipe for Mr. Russo?"
  • Django "Recipe...ah! I totally forgot! When I get into the flow of the sword dance, I tend to become forgetful of everything else! Alas, this is not very honorable of me. Hmmm--do you know how to make swords?"
  • Marco Linda "Of course."
  • Django "Great! Help me make three Practice Swords so all my three disciples can practice on their own. After that, I can focus on the recipe."
Practice Sword (0/3)
  • Django"This is excellent quality! Thank you for the help!"
  • Marco Linda"So now you'll work on the recipe?"
  • Django"Ha! Actually, it's almost done. It only slipped my mind recently, I was working on it before the new students showed up. Tomorrow!I'll have it done by then on my knight's honor.
  • Russo"So that was why Django was so slow with the recipe--yeah, he's known to lose his mind when it comes to the sword arts. Thank you for the help."

After compleating the mission, Russo will send you a letter to thank you, and give you the recipe:

I've tried making Django's new dish, Ms. Ginger really liked it, and it's helped build up her appetite.
Thank you again! If you like cooking, you should try making it. You'll need to slow cook Golden Salmon, Layered Carrot, Honey, and Ginger in a pot. That Golden Carrot Fish Soup is delicious!

Places of interestEdit

Peach Plaza

The Round Table


  • Russo Relationship +20
  • Ginger Relationship +30
  • Django Relationship +30
  • Exp Experience +300
  • Gols Gols +300
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