Saving the Tree Farm is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Tree Farm plotline.

  1. Fixing the Fence
  2. Panbat Infestation
  3. Saving the Tree Farm


The player must have completed Panbat Infestation.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

After completing Panbat Infestation, Aadit has another commission to restore the trees that were drained by the panbats.

Aadit Now that the panbat issue has been resolved, we need to move quickly to heal our trees. The panbats took a lot of water and nutrients, we need a fast way of restoring them. We'll commission you for this job, can you help us?
  • I'll take it.
  • I'm not interested right now.
→  I'll take it.
Aadit Thanks! Petra mentioned she knew something about an irrigation system before, maybe you should chat with her.

Talk to PetraEdit

The player is directed to talk to Petra at the Research Center:

Petra Something to revive the trees? The ancients used many elaborate irrigation systems, I read quite a bit about them. For this we'll need 6 Data Discs.
Petra Since we're building an irrigation system, you'll need something called a Small Engine. It's the machine that drives our cars and flies some of our planes. We don't have the know how to built these anymore, so we have to get them from the ruins.

Collect Data DiscEdit

Upon giving Petra the Data Discs:

Petra You have them? Great! It'll take a while to analyze all the data, I'll contact you when we have something.

Wait for Diagram(s)Edit

The diagrams for the Water Engine, Water Storage, and Water Wheel arrive the following day.

Build and PlaceEdit

The first step is to build the Water Engine and the Water Wheel:

Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials

After building the structures, they need to be placed by the abandoned shack near the river west of the Tree Farm.

Build and PlaceEdit

The next step is to build the Water Storage and four Sprinklers:

Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Level 2 Worktable
Item Tab Materials
Parts icon

After the player places the Water Storage and Sprinklers in the designated areas, a cutscene will play with water flowing from the river through the aqueduct and the sprinklers operating.

Aadit It's working!
Dawa This is the greatest!
Aadit Thank you for everything! Here's your commission fee. Now that we're back in business, if you ever need any wood supplies, you can check the box besides your home. We can afford some everyday!  verify ]


After completing this mission, the Tree Farm officially re-opens for business the following day. The Tree Farm delivers wood and other items obtained from trees to the player's resource box every day.


Exp Experience +1800
Gols Gols +1500
Prompt guild Reputation +150
Dawa Dawa: Relationship +10
Aadit Aadit: Relationship +10


Some characters have unique lines after the mission is completed:

Aadit I'm so glad the Tree Farm is once again up and running. I was afraid I'd be out of a job for a while back there.
Antoine Now that the Tree Farm is finally back in business, I think everyone involved in commerce can breath a sigh of relief.
Dawa And we're back in business! Thank you for all of your help!
Emily That irrigation system for the Tree Farm is very impressive...maybe I can use it for my farm?
Erwa It's great to see Big Bro in high spirits again. He was so down when the Tree Farm was closed.
Gale A cloud has been lifted from my head. To tell you the truth, ever since the Tree Farm closed up, I haven't gotten a good night's sleep!
Presley I'm so happy that the Tree Farm's up and running again. We really need it to support our Builders and the local economy.
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