Stories of Petra is one of Petra's romance missions.


The player must be dating Petra and must have finished Stories of the Old World to receive this mission.

There is a time limit of 7 days to complete the mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Petra has a mission for the player to pick up:

Petra Oh no...
Is something wrong?
Petra I lost something. It's so embarrassing. But I'm sure if I look in all my favorite spots around town, I'll find it.
  • I'll help you find it.
  • Well, good luck.
→  Well, good luck.
Petra Yeah, I better get looking.
If the player selects this option they will lose the opportunity to start the mission.
→  I'll help you find it.
Petra Oh, no, don't worry about it.
It's no problem. What are you looking for?
Petra I... don't want to say. It's too embarrassing. Just let me know if you see anything at any of my usual spots.

Search for the Lucky CharmEdit

Three items must be found to proceed with the mission. They do not appear on the map, but do sparkle like other gatherable items.

Show PetraEdit

The player needs to bring Petra all three items to proceed:

Petra, are any of these the thing you were looking for?
Petra Oh! Um, actually... all of them are mine. Thank you. Okay bye!
Wait! Come on, you can't leave me wondering. Which one were you looking for?
Petra Okay... I'll tell you because I trust you. But you can't tell anyone else.
Okay, I won't.
Petra I was looking for the picture. But it's not what you think!
Petra This is an ancient picture, from the Old World. I don't know what it's for, but I think it's amazing it lasted this long.
It's okay, I get it. Let me guess: You don't want it to look at this handsome man. It's like the toy boat I gave you. It's not useful, but it tells a story.
Petra That's right. You know me so well already. Thanks for not laughing at me. I'm so glad I have someone like you that I can trust.


The next day or later after completing the mission the player can approach Petra while she is reading her book on a bench under the Wishing Tree on Central Plaza. She can be found there almost every day after work (around 20:00-21:00). If the player approaches Petra while she is there she says:

Petra Hi, Player, how did you find me? I was just thinking.
  • What are you thinking about?
  • Then I'll let you get back to thinking.
→  Then I'll let you get back to thinking.
Petra Oh...okay. I'll talk to you another time then.
This answer ends the dialogue immediately, but the player can trigger it again if they decide to proceed.
→  What are you thinking about?
Petra About the past. I mean, I know the Church says technology caused the Age of Darkness, but technology also brought the Day of the Bright Sun.
That's true. It was J. Peach's invention that ended the Age of Darkness, right?
Petra Yeah, so technology can't all be bad. I wonder where we would be today if we hadn't lost all the old technology.
I don't know, but it's fun to imagine what it was like back then. Did you ever think of a story for that toy boat?
Petra No, let's do it together right now!
Okay, so there was a sailor who gave the boat to his son...
Petra ...because he was going on a long journey. And he knew he might not return, because...
  • Because he was going to war.
  • Because he was going to an unexplored land.
  • Because the seas were deadly in the winter.
It does not matter what option the player chooses.
Petra Okay, so he gave his son the sailboat to remember him by.
And the sailor's journey was treacherous. He faced many dangers, like...
  • Like sea monsters and epic storms.
  • Like pirates and killers.
  • Like strange plants and dangerous animals.
It does not matter what option the player chooses.
Petra The whole time, the sailor thought of his son.
Petra He was away for years, never able to return home but always promising that he would go back one day.
Petra Finally, the day came. He returned to his home, hoping to find his son. There, he found...
  • His son had already gone.
  • His son was still there.
  • His son didn't want to see him.
→  His son had already gone.
Petra Yes, his son had already gone off to be a sailor like his father.
Petra His father was proud of his son though, and every day, he held the toy boat his son had left behind and thought about what the boy would be like when he finally returned.
Petra It's a bittersweet ending, but I like it. Thanks for helping me tell the story, Player.
→  His son was still there.
Petra Yes, his son was still there, but he had grown into a man.
Petra The sailor was old now, and he felt it as he hugged his son. He would always tell the tales of his adventures, but he would never leave home again.
Petra It's a nice, happy ending. I like it. Thanks for helping me tell the story, Player.
→  His son didn't want to see him.
Petra Okay, the son hardly recognized the sailor, who had become an old man.
Petra He resented the old sailor for leaving for so long, and the old man regretted not seeing his son grow up.
Petra It's a tragedy, but sad tales are important too. Thanks for helping me tell the story, Player.
Petra I'm glad you're here by my side, and not off adventuring like that poor old sailor.

The next mission in this questline is Stories of Togetherness. It triggers only if the player has seen the post-mission dialogue described above.


Exp Experience +500
Petra Petra: Relationship +20

Version historyEdit

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