Supporting The Civil Corp is a secondary mission‎ given by Arlo.

Mission setupEdit

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Arlo asks the player for help:
  • Arlo "Hey there Builder, do you have a moment?"
  • Marco"Hello Arlo, how can I help?"
  • Arlo "During the past few days I've been inspecting the Civil Corps' storage room, and it turns out many of the weapons in there are in a sorry state due to poor maintenance and storage conditions."
  • Arlo "Unfortunately many of them are no longer usable, so I'll be needing new weapons. Think you can craft me two Arm Stretchers, one Cooking Set and five packs of gunpowder?"
  • Choice 1: Okay, sure!
  • Arlo "I appreciate it. Come and find me once you have the weapons ready."
  • Choice 2: I'm sorry, I've got other things to do.
  • Arlo"No worries, I understand. See you around.

Conduct of the missionEdit

The player needs to assemble and craft the following items:

Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Level 3 Worktable
Item Tab Materials
Equipment icon
Parts icon

Bringing the items to Arlo ends the mission.

Arlo"Hmm...great craftsmanship. I'm impressed, you are skilled and talented. The Civil Corps is in your debt."


  • Arlo Relationship +10
  • Prompt guild Reputation +20
  • Exp Experience +800
  • Gols Gols +500
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