The Bassanio Lift is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Poisoned Water plotline.

  1. The Bassanio Lift
  2. The Poisoned Water


The player must have completed The Dee-Dee Stops Here.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

After the Dee-Dee Transport System missions are completed and the player walks into Peach Plaza, a cutscene will play, showing the fountain spewing bubbling green water, with trash floating in its water.

Gale What is going on here?
Merlin I told you, it's been polluted.
Gale How?
Sam I just checked the river, it's also like this.
Merlin Well then, did you find the source.
Sam I tried, but it's coming from above Bassanio Falls, and that lift's been broken for ages.
Gale Arlo, find out what's going on. The Portia River is our water source. I don't want our people getting sick from whatever this goo is.
Arlo Got It. I'll put out a commission for a Builder to fix the lift right now.
Merlin And I'll look into how to get rid of this.

The Portia River also becomes polluted, with dark green patches of pollution above the falls, as well as near its fishing spots at the Amber Island bridge and Bassanio Falls.

After the dialog, Arlo heads to the Commerce Guild to post the commission:

We Civil Corps need the Bassanio Lift to be working as soon as possible. The original lift is in very bad shape, so please repair it. A Lift Controls system must also be installed, the diagram for this is attached.

There is no time limit to complete the commission.

Collect Materials Edit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Civil Cutter
Item Time Materials
Industrial Cutter
Item Time Materials
Civil Furnace
Item Time Materials
3h 36m

Crafting the Lift Controls Edit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials

Fix the Lift Edit

After fixing the lift and installing the Lift Controls:

Arlo Great work! Hopefully we'll be able to figure out the green goo soon.


With the lift in place, the player gains access to Bassanio Heights and its resources, most notably Cinnamon and Purple Resin.

Several days after completing the mission the player will get a letter from the Civil Corps which starts the next mission.


Exp Experience +2500
Gols Gols +3500
Prompt guild Reputation +200
Gale Gale: Relationship +20
Arlo Arlo: Relationship +10


  • A new Dee-dee Stop can be placed near the lift as soon as this mission becomes active.

NPC comments about the water pollutionEdit

Some characters have unique lines while this mission and The Poisoned Water are active:

Aadit We get our water from Duck Pond around here, so we're fine, for now.
Alice I poured a little bit of the gooey water on my flowers. They withered right away!
Arlo We should have caught this sooner. We didn't find out until the water turned green and people started getting sick.
Antoine I've cut down my water usage by a factor of ten. Even though that's bad for my skin, I have to endure it.
Carol I'm so worried about this water being polluted. Did the pollution come from within the ruins? What if my girls become sick?
Dawa I hope my brother Siwa's doing okay. He lives over in the desert, so he doesn't have too many water sources other than the river.
Django The polluted water is making my food taste terrible! I hope the Civil Corps figure it out soon!
Emily Luckily for us, Duck Pond seems to be fine and free from the pollution. We've been getting our water from there since the scare started.
Erwa We get pollution from the ruins in our food supply from time to time, but it's mostly mild. I have heard even worse horror stories from other cities about the pollutants from the Old World.
Gale Something must have gone wrong in one of the old ruins. Maybe a broken pipe or some chemical tank rusted. Whatever the case, we need to solve it fast. I don't want to see my people's lives getting distracted by this.
Ginger What do you think happened in the ruins for pollutants to spread into our river?
Higgins No stomach pain is going to stop me!
Lee Even after all these centuries, the evils of the Age of Corruption still haunt us!
Liuwa stomach aches...
Martha I can't bake my bread with this green-looking water. What should I do?
McDonald I hope this nasty lookin' water don't have any effects on my animals.
Mei I would do a fine write up on our situation with the pollution right now, but my stomach isn't feeling too well right now.
Merlin Hmm, this pollutant is interesting. I wonder what we can do.
Nora We've been getting some water from the ruins beneath the Church. While it's safe, there's not enough for everyone.
Oaks Papa Bear told me not to drink the from the river while the green goo's floating on there. He didn't need to tell me, the smell's terrible.
Paulie I'm tellin' ya, the green goo in the river must be the work of Duvos villains! I just know it!
Petra The Director and I have been trying to neutralize this pollutant, but it's proving kind of tough. It's definitely a chemical from the Old World.
Phyllis We've been treating several people with stomach aches, all from having drank the polluted water. The river is our main source of water, so there's not much we can do. I've been telling them to boil their water throughly.
Presley Oh I'm having a stomach ache! I've been going to the restroom nonestop (sic).
Qiwa There were many dead fish in the river. And I don't think they're safe to eat.
Remington We're trying to locate all the sources of the water pollution. There's a lot of water around Portia, so we've a lot of places to check.
Russo I hope the bad water doesn't affect Ms. Ginger's health.
Sam I hope there aren't any other sources of the pollution around. We've looked everywhere, but the source above the Bassanio Falls is the only one we've located.
Sonia It's hard to run a restaurant business when your customers aren't too sure about the safety of the water you use.
Toby My Ma said we need to boil the water over and over again before drinking it. Personally, I think gooey green water is cool! Maybe I'll turn into a mutant once I drink it!
Wuwa Normally we're the ones that export water to Sandrock, but I've heard the Mayor put in an order for water from the other Free Cities after the river became polluted.
Xu Do you have a stomach ache? No? Oh, that's good. We've been getting too many of these lately. People really need to boil their water before drinking.
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