The Broken Clock is a secondary mission.


There are no prerequisites to this mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

The building clock on Portia School is broken, and Lucy wants a builder to fix it.

Lucy The clock on the school building stopped working a while ago, can you take a look and see if you can fix it? I'd guess some old parts just fell off."
  • Sure!
  • Not right now.

The mission initiates when choosing the "Sure!" option.

Fix the ClockEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Old Parts and Copper Wires can be obtained from the Abandoned Ruins and the Sewage Plant. Additionally, Copper Wires can be crafted from the Grinder.

Item Time Materials

The broken clock is located outside of the school, just above the entrance.

If the player speaks to some of the students, they talk about how the broken clock gives them an excuse to be late to school.

Dolly I hope the clock never gets fixed, then I can tell Ms. Lucy that I thought it wasn't time for school yet.
Toby Wait, wait, the clock's broken?! That means I have another excuse the next time I'm late to school! Ahaha.

If the player speaks to Lucy again before fixing the clock, she'll say:

Lucy Be real careful when you're up there fixing the clock! It's a tough place to get to.

Talk with LucyEdit

Upon fixing the pipe and talking to Lucy:

Lucy You fixed the clock? Thank you! Very much appreciated! Some of the kids have been using this clock as an excuse for days now...


Exp Experience +40
Gols Gols +120
Prompt guild Reputation +30
Lucy Lucy: Relationship +10

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