The Cave on Amber Island is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Amber Island plotline.

  1. Bridge to Amber Island
  2. The Cave on Amber Island


The player must have completed Bridge to Amber Island.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

After completing the Amber Island Bridge the player receives a letter:

Mail normal opened

From: Gale

Player, come to see me sometimes, I have a commission lined up for you.

When the player meets Gale:

Gale Thanks for coming, I've been real busy lately trying to figure out who the town thief is.
  • Town thief?
  • I heard about that!
  • I was also stolen from!
→  Town thief?
Gale Yeah, haven't you heard? Someone has been stealing from our folks for the last couple of weeks now. Arlo has been heading the investigation. But it's strange, he's not stealing anything essential, just random trinkets.
→  I heard about that!
Gale We have never seen anything like it! It's is strange, he's not stealing anything essential, just random trinkets. The fools Huss and Tuss show up once in a while, but they're more interested in big money items. We'll capture him for sure. We're kind folks here, but we'll still uphold our laws.
→  I was also stolen from!
Gale I am a seasoned politician, I can tell when someone's not telling the truth. That's not very nice. We'll capture the thief for sure. We're kind folks here, but we'll still uphold our laws.
GaleRelationship -5
Gale Anyway, enough about the thief, I asked you to come because I want to further develop the cave on Amber Island. That cave used to lead to a ruin, but due to an accident, the entrance was closed. This was some forty years ago. Since then, there's been various rumors of it being haunted, which is nonsense.
Gale But! I think it's about time we used it in our favor! The Haunted Cave of Portia, got a nice ring to it, doesn't it? There used to be a power generator in there somewhere, I'm commissioning you to fix it up and give it some juice. Arlo tells me we'll need to install a Removable Battery! So go do that. Then I'll get one of the Hulu brothers to get that place runnin'. Ah, this will be a fine tourist attraction!

The player receives the Removable Battery diagram from Gale.

Build the Power GeneratorEdit

The following item is required to proceed with the mission:

Level 1 Assembly StationLevel 1 Assembly Station Level 1 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials Sell price

Go in the Cave and RepairEdit

After crafting the Removable Battery the player needs to see Liuwa before Amber Island's Cave to gain access:

Liuwa I'm surveying this cave. The Mayor wants me to set up a haunted cave here. If you're going in, stock up on health items, since it's still dangerous inside!

After talking to Liuwa the player can enter the cave. Time is paused while the player is inside.

In the cave the player will encounter several level 10-11 Snaillobs and level 10 Bandirats before meeting the Hermit Snaillob boss that they have to kill to progress.

There are breakable jars and crates the player can break to gain small amount of Gols with a chance to get other items like Salt, Roasted Meat, Meat, Smoked Meat, Dried Apple Slice, or Simple Circuits. There also are several small Crystal deposits in the cave the player can break and some Red Mushroom the player can gather.

Two stoves are located inside the cave: one in the generator room, another in the boss arena. The player can use each stove once to fully restore their Health and Stamina. If the player has Meat in the inventory they can interact with a stove again to cook a Tasteless Broth. Up to ten Tasteless Broths can be cooked on each stove before the fire goes out.

Turn on the GeneratorEdit

After reaching the generator room the player can install the Removable Battery at the marker. A cutscene starts after the player activates the generator.

There is a chest at the top of the generator room which requires some platforming to get. It contains a small amount of Gols and a Meidi Traditional Hat.

NOTE: If the player leaves the cave after turning on the generator, they will not be able to return, so it is advised to have at least SIX (6) inventory slots to collect the stolen items.

Defeat all monstersEdit

Three level 10 Bandirats appear. After player defeats them they are prompted to explore the cave further.

Explore the caveEdit

The player will encounter more Bandirats in the cave. An orange chest in the northern passage contains a small amount of Gols and a Fiber Cloth. Another orange treasure chest in the southern passage contains a small amount of Gols and a Power Stone.

The player can also pick up four items stolen from the townsfolk on the path to boss arena:

  • Water Bucket Emily's Bucket can be picked up at the entrance to the generator room.
  • Desk Lamp Gust's Lamp is found further in the cave, on a rock near the forking passages.
  • Remington's Shoes Remington's Shoes can be found on the ground in the northern passage.
  • Iron Pan Martha's Pot can be picked up near some rocks in the southern passage.

Eventually the player will reach the boss arena with the Bandirat Prince waiting below. To the left of the entrance is the stove the player can use to recover HP and SP and a portal leading outside.

Defeat the bandiratsEdit

As the player approaches the Bandirat Prince a short cutscene plays. There are two Bandirats to kill first.

Defeat the Rat PrinceEdit

After defeating the Bandirats the player has to fight the Bandirat Prince. After its defeat a blue chest appears. It contains 1 Small Engine and 2 Data Discs.

The player can also pick up the last two stolen items after defeating the boss:

Report to GaleEdit

When the player exits the cave they are met by the Civil Corps:

Arlo Player! What are you doing in there?!
I was fixing the cave power generator and...
...... ...... ...... ......
Sam The cave complex extended all the way to here? And you defeated them all? Wow.
Relationship +10
Remington So the bandirats were behind the thefts? I knew it! They're been crowding around our town for a while now.
Arlo We were following some leads that brought us here, just about to go inside as well. You take a break and go tell our mayor what happened, we'll head on in and clear out any stragglers.

When reporting to Gale:

Gale So that's what happened. I should have asked the Civil Corps to check out the cave first. But what-da-ya-know, you fixed two problems at once! Congratulations!
Gale And here's some extra for helping the town solve the mystery thief problem


The following Sunday a fireside meeting will be held, announcing of the success of the mission into the cave.

Returning the stolen itemsEdit

The player can return the stolen items they have picked up in the cave to their owners to get a relationship bonus. The player can also keep the items: most of them can be recycled and Presley's Sofa can be placed in the Workshop as furniture.

Upon returning the items:

Remington My shoes! Ahahah, I was wondering where they went.
Relationship +10
Emily Hey, that's my bucket! You took it back from the bandirats? Thank you so much! You're not hurt are you? Here, take some eggs as my appreciation!
Relationship +10
Egg Egg +5
Presley My sofa! I'd given up on ever finding it! How did the rats get this into their cave? Thank you so much Player!
Relationship +10
Martha So the bandirats took my cooking pot? Why would they want this? Thank you very much, here, have some fresh bread I just baked!
Relationship +10
Baked Bread Baked Bread +3
McDonald Oh ho ho, you found the milk jug! It looks kinda dirty, but that's okay, thanks buddy!
Relationship +10
Gust This is my lamp...uhh, it's so dirty, you can keep it.
Relationship +10
The player also gets to keep Gust's Lamp. It can be recycled or sold.

Rewards Edit

Exp Experience +2000
Gols Gols +1000
Prompt guild Reputation +40

Bonus Edit

Prompt guild Reputation +200
Power Stone Power Stone +5


NPC comments during the missionEdit

Some characters will comment on the thefts in town while the mission is active:

Antoine My two BFFs say that they had items stolen recently. I'm telling you, it must have been the bandit brothers again!
Dolly Toby says he'll be the one to capture the thief. Yeah right.
Emily Some jerk stole the bucket I use to feed my chicks.
Erwa Although having a theif around is good for our business, it's not so good for our town.
Gale I hope the thieves turn out to be the bandit brothers, they're easy to solve.
Gust Oh, the house seems to have been broken into by a thief. It is none of your business.
Isaac Someone took my favorite book while I was out for a walk, I'll never forgive!
Lucy I hope they catch the thief soon. I don't want to see any danger near my kids.
Mars I'm being real careful ever since I heard there might be a thief around.
Martha Now where did my cooking pot go? Toby must've taken it on some misadventure again. I am going to ask him.
McDonald One of the milk jugs is missing! Did I miscount? Ok, I will count again.
Mei Oh? What's this about a thief in town? Interesting!
Paulie I use to see a bike parked along side main street, but it's disappeared recently.
Presley My sofa disappeared! What the heck, how can something that big disappear? Sorry, I wasn't able to sleep last night.
Remington I'm missing a pair of old shoes, did Sam toss them? She did say they smelled.
Sam Don't worry, we've upped our patrols so that we can better protect our town.
Sonia It feels like we're always losing food items in our restaurant recently.
Toby Did you hear about there being thieves in town? Scary huh? I'm gonna go find them and beat them up good!
Xu Have you heard anything about the thief? That's the word all over town. We should all be more careful and not leave anything lying around.

Post-mission dialogueEdit

The player can speak to Ginger after the defeating the Bandirat Prince to gain a relationship points bonus:

Ginger I heard from Papa that you found the town thief?
Oh yeah, by accident, really. You see...
Ginger Haha, what a surprise! Running into the Bandirat Prince like that. But you beat them all! You must be getting good at ruin diving! Thanks for telling me your adventure, I really loved the story.
Relationship +20

Some characters also have unique lines after the mission is completed:

Aadit Live and let live right? If we didn't mess with the rats, they wouldn't have messed with us.
Albert I heard about the rat thieves. Makes one wonder what else is down there in the ruins below. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.
Alice Sam was telling me how you defeated the mutant rat creatures. That's so brave of you!
Antoine Mutant rats around our town? Eww!
Arlo If you ever get tired of being a Builder, you'd make a good Civil Corps officer, I think.
Carol I'm glad you're safe and sound after the run-in with the rats.
Dawa My brothers and I once defeated a mutated snake and scorpion. They were threatening our Grandma, so we had to.
Django I wish I was there to see you defeat the Rat Prince, must have been quite the battle!
Dolly I heard that you took care of the thieves. I just knew Toby wouldn't be able to do it.
Emily I heard about how defeated the Rat Prince. It must have been terrifying! I'm glad you're okay.
Erwa Mei doesn't want to write the article about the Rat Prince since she doesn't like rats. I guess I'll be writing this news article.
Gale I know it's cliche, but if you sense danger next time, leave it to the professionals. I don't want to see any of our citizens hurt.
Ginger Papa told me about how you defeated the Rat Prince all by yourself! That's so brave of you! I wish I could go on adventures like that as well.
Higgins Well...I'm glad the Rats didn't beat you up or something...I guess.
Isaac I heard about the rats. They're probably descendence from mutated rats that were on display in ancient zoos. I read about them in a book once. Supposedly humans used to experiment with creatures of all sorts. Kind of sickening if you ask me.
Jack I'm so glad you defeated the thieves! Toby was about to enlist me to go on an adventure to look for them! I was so scared!
Lee Now do you see? Rats that steal. That's what the technology of the Age of Corruption can do!
Lucy Thank you for defeating the thieves.
Mei While it's an interesting story...but I don't really like rats. Erwa can write this one.
Merlin I wonder if the mutant rats will eventually evolve into an intellegent species, given enough time. It'd be a fascinating world.
Molly So Toby was just being a loudmouth as usual. I almost believed him this time.
Nora Arlo told me about how you defeated the Rat Prince. That's very brave of you.
Oaks I have seen a big rat before. At first I mistook him for a warthog.
Paulie You really showed the thieves how manly you are!
Petra I'm glad this whole incident with the rat thieves is over. I was worried someone might come and steal things from the Research Center.
Phyllis I heard about what happened from Sam. Next time you want to play hero, at least bring some backup. The ancient ruins are very unforgiving.
Sam I'm sorry we weren't there to support you when you needed it the most.
Sanwa The whole town's been talking about how you defeated the mutant rats. Good on you!
Sonia I think I would have fainted if I'd seen one of the mutant rats in front of me.
Toby If you didn't take care of the rats, I would have. Hahaha! But I guess I should say good job.
Tody The ruins underneath Portia was probably the natural habitat of these rats. There was bound to be conflict when we build the town on top of 'em.
Wuwa I'm glad I live most of my life on water. You don't see any mutant rats in the ocean, haha. Okay, so there are mutant fish, pretty dangerous ones at that.
Xu Phyllis told me about your adventure in the Amber Island cave. So how did it go? Not hurt anywhere, are you?
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