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The Crashed Station is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Ack plotline.

  1. The Crashed Station
  2. Fixing Ack
    1. Place the Flowers
    2. The Lonely Robot


The player must have completed The Poisoned Water and Hazardous Ruins.

Required stations[]

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the mission[]

The mission can be triggered by exiting the Commerce Guild the next day after completing The Poisoned Water. A cutscene plays with a relic falling from the sky and landing inside the Collapsed Wasteland.

It crashed over in the Collapsed Wasteland! I should check it out!

Collect Materials[]

Some of the townsfolk gather in front of the Collapsed Wasteland gate. When the player approaches them another cutscene starts:

Mars.png What the heck was that? Are we under attack?!
Martha.png I saw it fall from the sky, it was scary!
Mei.png Can you at least tell us what it is? This is big news!
Paulie.png I'm tellin' ya! It's aliens!
Petra.png This must be fully investigated!
Sam.png Calm down everyone! We're on top of this! Arlo and Remington are at the crash site right now. We'll let you know what it is as soon as we find out!
Sam.png Ah, there you are, what's the word?
Remington.png It appears to be a relic of some sort...
Petra.png Relic?!
Mei.png Really?!
Paulie.png Aliens?!
Remington.png But we have a problem, we need a... you! Builder, we need your help!
Sam.png What's wrong?
Remington.png The relic knocked over a tower and created a giant hole on the ground, some monsters came out as a result. I measured it to be around 4 or 5 meters. We need it patched right away, give us somethin' quick. Sam, don't let anyone in until the hole's plugged, me and Arlo are gonna clear out some more monsters in the meantime.
Sam.png Got it.

In order to patch the hole, the player needs to gather materials.

Industrial FurnaceIndustrial Furnace Industrial Furnace
Item Time Materials Sell price
36m 12Gols.png
Industrial CutterIndustrial Cutter Industrial Cutter
Item Time Materials Sell price
2h 24m 97Gols.png

Repair the Hole[]

After arriving to the crash site, Arlo and Remington are fending off the horde of monsters coming from the hole. The player needs to patch up the hole using the materials.

Upon repairing the hole, a dysfunctional robot by the name of Ack comes out of the space shuttle.

Ack.png Holy moly!
Remington.png It's a robot!
Ack.png How rude, the name is... ack! Ack!
Ack.png No, no, it's... ack! Klack... Ack! What the...
Arlo.png Who are you exactly Ackbot? What is this?
Ack.png I'm the chef of my space station... a piece of which is right here...
Arlo.png Space station...?
Ack.png Jeepers creepers! I'm on the ground! How the heck did I get here?!
You fell from the sky.
Ack.png You don't say...
Ack.png Ack!
Remington.png Woah there, don't move okay?
Ack.png I'm not panicking! I'm not panicking!
Remington.png We gotta show him to the mayor.
Arlo.png Yeah, we should, I'll grab him. Come along, Player!

Go into the Civil Corps[]

Arlo and Remington take Ack back to the Civil Corps. Lee, Merlin, and Mayor Gale are also in the Civil Corps building. When the player enters the Civil Coprs building a cutscene starts:

Ack.png You can't arrest me! I know my rights!
Gale.png Now, now, please calm down, Mr. Ack. We're just trying to sort out this... situation. You unexpectedly dropped in on us after all... haha. Ahem, anyhow, I take it that you were on the Altair One space station for the duration of the last 300 years, am I correct?
Ack.png I'm not saying anything until I see my lawyer.
Merlin.png Fascinating!
Lee.png Why are we even talking to this thing?
Gale.png Look Mr. Ack, the sooner you show us you're not a threat, the better off it is for all of us.
Ack.png Well call me pancake, but I'm a chef! How am I a threat? And to answer your question, I was in maintenance mode for the last 330 years, 2 months, and 17 days. When I woke up, I was here.
Gale.png So, you're not an assassin sent from Duvos?
Ack.png Look old monsieur, I know not what a Duvos is. And even if I did, why would I tell you?
Gale.png You have a point.
Arlo.png What should we do with him?
Lee.png Get rid of it right now! We don't know what it'll do! Remember that dancing robot in Ethea?
Merlin.png I say we let him stay at the Research Center, we'll take responsibility for him. He's a treasure trove to be explored!
Lee.png You dare? You're putting everyone's lives on the line!
Merlin.png He's a living AI! There aren't too many like him in the Free Cities!
Ack.png You know, I can hear you. Don't you care to know what I want?
Gale.png Go on...
Ack.png I'd say release me, but I know you're not going to do that, so I want a glass of milk.
Gale.png Okay... that can be arranged.
Ack.png And I want to know what happened to my crew mates.
Gale.png Arlo?
Arlo.png We checked the crashed station, your crew mates didn't make it. They died hundreds of years ago. Sorry.
Ack.png Oh...
Gale.png Mr. Ack, I'm sorry for your loss. For now I need you to cooperate and stay here until we figure out what options we have for you. Can you do that?
Ack.png Yeah... sure... I'm not going anywhere...
Gale.png Also, Player, since you're here, see if you can do something about Mr. Ack's leg and head, make him as comfortable as you can.
Sure thing.


Immediately after completing this mission, Fixing Ack commences.


Exp.png Experience +1500
Gols.png Gols +800
Remington.png Remington: Relationship +10
Arlo.png Arlo: Relationship +10
Sam.png Sam: Relationship +10


Starting Mission: The Crashed Station during the Day of Memories

  • The player will not be able to use the Dee-Dee Transport System until they approach the Collapsed Wasteland gate and start the mission.
  • The mission will not appear in the player's handbook until the player watches the cutscene at the Collapsed Wasteland gate.
  • This mission previously started the day immediately after The Poisoned Water. As of version 1.0.128689, the starting time was moved.
  • Before My Time at Portia left Early Access, this mission began the day after The Poisoned Water. If that quest was completed on Month 2, Day 26, then The Crashed Station would begin on Day 27, regardless of the fact that it's the Day of Memories. If the Collapsed Wasteland was not investigated before the remembrance of the dead begins, this lead to certain townsfolk being missing from Peach Plaza, instead crowded in front of the Collapsed Wasteland. This meant Arlo and Remington were not accessible for gift-giving until the player dealt with the mission. Immediately following the mission-related dialogue, the involved townsfolk would bow their heads to continue the Day of Memories, resulting in an eerie scene.
  • Defeating the enemies that pour out of the hole caused by the crash yields 0 exp points, fighting them is simply a waste of stamina.

NPC comments about the crash[]

Some characters have unique lines while this mission and Fixing Ack are active:

Aadit.png I was on my morning walk when I saw that object crash down. I hope no one was hurt by it.
Alice.png That crash was scary, I thought we were under attack by Duvos again until Sam told me it was all right.
Antoine.png That crash really scared me! I thought we were doomed!
Carol.png I hope the Civil Corps have whatever it is under control.
Django.png The whole town's talking about it. I wonder what the Civil Corps found over there in the Collapsed Wasteland.
Dawa.png I don't know what it is, but if it's the Duvos army, I'm going to give 'em a piece of my mind.
Emily.png Weren't you scared? I've read too many books about the Day of Calamity to not be afraid when that thing crashed down.
Erwa.png I'm trying to get more sources on that crashed objected, but it seems like the Civil Corps have sealed that area off.
Gale.png I don't have too much to say about the crashed space station for now. I'll make an announcement at a fireside meeting.
Ginger.png The thing that crashed down, what could it be? Were there people in it?
Higgins.png I don't have time to be awed by whatever crashed over in the wastelands. I have commissions to do!
Isaac.png Oh it's nothing to worry about. It's probably just some space junk left over from hundreds of years ago. Just be glad it didn't directly hit our town.
Jack.png We're not under attack, are we? Do we have to move again?
Lee.png It was said during the Day of Calamity, thousands of metal bombs crashed down to earth just like that object that crashed into the Collapsed Wasteland. I hope for our sake that it's not the same thing happening again.
Lucy.png I've been fielding questions from my students since that object came crashing down. I don't really have a good answer right now.
Mars.png I hope we're not under attack or something. The Civil Corps aren't saying much.
Martha.png I'm keeping a close eye on Toby so he doesn't sneak off into the Collapsed Wasteland right now.
McDonald.png What in the doodles was that thing? I had to spend all day calming down my animals.
Mei.png This is a major scoop! I've got to cover it first hand, but the Civil Corps won't let me into the wasteland.
Merlin.png If it's a space station that crashed over there, I think we can get some good Data Discs from it.
Molly.png What was that thing?
Nora.png I hope whatever crashed in the ruins isn't something dangerous.
Oaks.png Papa Bear told me not to go check out the crash area, so I guess I won't.
Paulie.png I don't care what the Civil Corps say, I'm going to stock up a bit to make sure I'm not caught flat-footed! Duvos will never catch me off-guard!
Petra.png It must have been an old space station or something. Without regular maintanence, its orbit would have decayed over the last several hundred years.
Phyllis.png I was worried someone might have been hurt from that crash, but they haven't brought anyone over to the clinic yet.
Polly.png Petra told me it must haven't an old space station or satellite that crashed. I want to see it!
Presley.png Whatever it was that crashed, I'm just glad it didn't crash into town.
Qiwa.png I was out fishing when that thing crashed down. It looked like a bright comet!
Russo.png Everyone needs to stay calm. Being frightened doesn't solve anything.
Sanwa.png Do you think that crashed object is the metal bomb that Minister Lee talked about before? You know, the ones that appeared during the Day of Calamity?
Sonia.png I was scared out of wits by that loud crash! I hope no one was hurt.
Toby.png Did you see that thing that crashed into the Collapsed Wasteland?! I heard it's an UFO!
Wuwa.png I was out on a boat when this thing came crashing down. What do you think it is?
Xu.png I haven't heard anything about what that things was. Do you know?