The Driller is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Eufaula Desert plotline.

  1. The Portia Bridge
  2. The Eufaula Tunnel
  3. Rescue in Ingall's Mine
  4. The Driller


The player must have completed Mission: Rescue in Ingall's Mine.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

Sometime after the events at Ingall's Mine, Mint will send the player a letter:

Mail mission opened

From: Mint

Hey Player,
Thanks for your help at the tunnel. I noticed that the digger AI dropped a large drill-tip. I'm wondering if you'll be able to use that to help us build a Driller that we can use to speed up the tunnel construction. Attached is a diagram that I found in Vega 5. It looks absurdly complicated and I've never seen anything like it. At the time, no one had the type of drill-tip required to build this thing - but now we do. Good luck!

The Driller (Diagram)

Mint wants the player to build a Driller to help speed up the tunnel construction.

Assemble the DrillEdit

The following materials are needed to craft The Driller:

Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials

Upon building The Driller and giving it to Mint:

Mint I can't believe you got this built! You must have used some dark magic, eh? Haha. You're one heck of a Builder.


Exp Experience +9000
Gols Gols +3000
Prompt guild Reputation +220
Mint Mint: Relationship +20

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