The Essence of Portia is a secondary mission. It is the second mission in Penny's sub-plot.


The quest will become available several days after completing Mission: A Musician Showed Up. Upon accepting the quest, the player will have until the end of the day to finish it.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Talking to Penny while the quest is available will trigger the following dialogue:

Penny Hey compatriot! Busy? I was wondering, if you have time, can you show me around Portia? I'm trying to write lyrics to my song, so some inspiration would be good!
  • Sure, I have time.
  • Sorry, I'm a little busy right now.
→  Sure, I have time.
Penny Great! I can't wait to see everything! Let's go right now!
→  Sorry, I'm a little busy right now.
Penny Aww, okay, find me when you have the time.

Upon accepting the quest:

Where do you want to go?
  • The Bassanio Falls
  • Starlight Island
  • The Beach

Choosing a location will end the dialogue and determine where the player must go in the next step of the quest. Keep in mind that "the beach" refers to the southern coast of the Eufaula Desert region, rather than the beach by the harbor. Rewards and proceeding dialogue will not be affected by the player's choice.

Upon reaching the designated destination:

Penny Oh wow! Check out that view! Water makes everything so pretty, doesn't it? Back in my hometown, we always had a lack of water. It was just dirt, everywhere.
Penny Sigh... what a view. Hey, can you take a couple of pictures for me?
  • Sure, I'd love to.
  • Sorry, I don't have a camera.
→  Sure, I'd love to.
(No response. The game will exit out of the conversation to allow the player to take the photo.)
→  Sorry, I don't have a camera.
Penny Ah, that's okay, I'm already really happy that I got to see a place like this.

Taking the photo is not necessary for completing the quest. However, if the player does take a photo, the conversation will automatically continue with an extra line of dialogue, followed by where the initial part of the conversation would have gone if the player opted not to do so:

Penny Nice photos! I'll treasure them. Thanks!
So what's your song about?
Penny Hmm, I guess it's about my journey. A wandering girl who experiences the feelings of loneliness, nervousness, of warmth and hope.
Penny It's a lot of complicated feelings, you know? Anyway, thanks for helping me. When I'm done with my lyrics, I'll let you hear them first.

The mission completes upon ending the conversation.


Mission: The Wanderer's Dream will be available two days after completing this mission.




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