The Harbor Crane is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Portia Harbor development plotline.

  1. The Portia Harbor
  2. To Light the Way
  3. The Harbor Crane
  4. The Burnt Warehouse


The player must have completed To Light the Way.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of Mission Edit

After completing To Light the Way, Albert commissions for the Harbor Crane.

Albert I was just about to find you! Gust has finished designing the next part of the port: the cargo storage area. For this part of the harbor, we've envisioned a sliding mechanical crane to help load and upload the cargo from the ships.
Albert This one's a toughie as well. I'm sure you can handle it though.
  • Yeah, let me give it a go.
  • Too much work! I've got other stuff to do!

Choosing "Yeah, let me give it a go":

→  Yeah, let me give it a go.
Albert You'll need to talk with the ladies at the Research Center about it, we're looking for a high endurance crane. Without something like that Portia's harbor will have to remain modest, as we won't be able to unload large amounts of goods.
Albert We are commissioning you to construct and install the crane. Good luck!

Ask PetraEdit

To get the diagram, the player needs to talk to Petra.

Petra You're making a what-now this time? I have seen these giant cranes from old books, but I don't think we can make these with our current knowledge... it'll need to be something smaller. I'll need to think about it with the Director. Can you get me 5 Data Discs as references? Thanks!

Collect Data DiscsEdit

The player needs to collect 5 Data Discs to proceed.

Upon giving Petra the Data Discs:

Petra That'll do, we have a basic idea now. It'll take a while though, so I need to get busy.

Wait for DiagramEdit

The following day, Petra sends the diagram through mail.

Mail normal opened

From: Research Center

Hey Player,
After a couple all-nighters, we have the diagram for the Harbor Crane. It's still pretty complicated, but it's the best we can come up with. Now I'm gonna go grab me some pick-me-up... can't stay awake! Have fun with this!
Harbor Crane Diagram +1

With the diagram, the player can build the Harbor Crane.

Build and PlaceEdit

The following materials are needed to complete this mission:

Level 2 Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials

The player can place the Harbor Crane in the wharf.


Exp Experience +5000
Gols Gols +15000
Prompt guild Reputation +200
Painting: Girl +1
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