The Poisoned Water is a main mission.

This mission is part of the Poisoned Water plotline.

  1. The Bassanio Lift
  2. The Poisoned Water
Icon Take Photo
This mission is one of the three possible chances to take a photo of Backerats.


The player must have completed The Bassanio Lift.

Required stationsEdit

The player must have the following to complete this mission:

Conduct of the missionEdit

After the player (or other builder) fixes the lift at Bassanio Heights next to Bassanio Falls, the Civil Corps sends the player a letter asking them to fix the leaky pipe inside WOW Industries:

Mail mission opened

From: Civil Corps


We went and took a look at the source of the pollution, the goo's coming from a broken pipe located inside the tall building above Bassanio Falls. We suspect that there is foul play involved. Can you fix it, please? That should be enough to stop any more goo from polluting the river. We've listed the items that we think will be needed to fix this pipe. Thanks!
Steel Plate x4, Welding Rod x5, Valve x2

Collect MaterialsEdit

The following materials are required to proceed with the mission:

Industrial CutterIndustrial Cutter Industrial Cutter
Item Time Materials
2h 24m
Industrial FurnaceIndustrial Furnace Industrial Furnace
Item Time Materials

Valves can be looted in the Sewage Plant or found while mining in the Abandoned Ruins #2.

Fix the Leaking PipeEdit

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After gathering the materials, head over to WOW Industries and talk to Sam.
Sam Here to fix the pipe?
Yep. What are you doing here?
Sam I'm investigating. We think someone intentionally broke this pipe. You can see the hand prints on the pipe. Now who would want to do that?
  • A foreign state?
  • Does Gale have any enemies?
  • Huss and Tuss?
→  A foreign state?
Sam I don't think Duvos or Seesai would come all this way to Portia just to break a pipe.
→  Does Gale have any enemies?
Sam Ha! Now that'd be interesting. I'm sure the mayor has his share of detractors out there.
→  Huss and Tuss?
Sam Perhaps, but those two always have a motive. No matter how stupid it turns out to be.

Talking to Sam before fixing the pipe:

Sam Alright, go and fix the pipe please.
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20181229225713 1
After fixing the pipe, Sam and the player are hit by the rush of sewage from the pipe and fall through the hole behind them.
What happened?
Sam I don't know... no one's been in this ruin before. Looks like it's part of the sewage system.
Sam I've got a bad feeling about this.
Mysterious Voice If thou dare, cometh at me three floors down!
Sam Oh! This sounds like a challenge. It's probably the villain, let's check it out.
Shouldn't we get some backup?
Sam No worries, you got me!

Find the ExitEdit

WOW Industries - Sewage System Map

Sewage System map

The player must then navigate the sewage system, fighting various enemies like Backrats and Redrats. A few Red Mushrooms can be gathered in a spots overgrown with ivy, several blue crystals can be mined in the sewer part with Jump Dancers. Some open pipes and containers also contain several Carbon Steel Bar the player can gather. A stove can be found too, which requires meat to cook Tasteless Broth too. The fire of the stove goes out after cooking ten times.

A few treasure chests can also be found here. Most of them contain a small amount of Gols and Data Discs. Notable chests are:

  • A blue chest in the secret room located at the dead end of the green sewer area inhabited by Backerats contains Game Cartridge - Protoform. The room can be accessed by facing the back wall and flipping a hidden switch on the left.
  • A chest containing two Dried Blade Fish can be found after the second elevator.
  • An orange chest guarded by a Backerat contains a Smoked Fish Roll. The chest can be found by entering the hole in the wall right after the area with moving platforms.
  • Three chests right before the boss arena contain 1 Power Stone, 5 Nitre, and an Enhanced Iron Sword recipe book.

Some areas may seem closed off at first, but flipping switches will open them. Some switches require going the long way around to access.

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After navigating through the sewage system, the Rat King shows himself and fights.
Boss Rat King Art thou the one that ended my son?!
  • It talks?!
  • Yes, yes it was.
  • Are you behind the goo?
→  It talks?!
Boss Rat King How rude! Cry havoc and let slip the rats of war!
→  Yes, yes it was.
Boss Rat King Roooarr! O thou shall regret the day!
→  Are you behind the goo?
Boss Rat King O ye doth amaze me to figure that out! Tis true! Now prepare thyself.
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Sam, shoved away

The Rat King orders his minions to attack. Sam tries to fend them off but is pushed off the ledge into the lower portion of the ruins.

Defeat the MinionsEdit

The player faces against two Backrats and 3 Redrats.

Defeat the Rat KingEdit

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Upon defeating the minions, the Rat King charges and engages the player in battle. For tips, strategies, and equipment and food recommendations for this battle, please see Tips and Tricks: Rat King.

After the Rat King is defeated, Sam climbs up and approaches the player, saying:

Sam Not bad! You did well!
Relationship +10

Find the ExitEdit

Sam and the player press on to find the exit.

Sam This must be the control system for all the pipes, let's see if we can turn off the goo from here.

After turning off the control system:

Sam You did it! Nice! Let's get outta here.

Upon turning the gate on towards the exit:

Sam I'm going to stay and look around some more, you go tell the Mayor about this.

Report to GaleEdit

The player must report to Gale about the incident at WOW Industries to complete the mission:

Gale A talking rat? Ahaha, that's a grand tale. But then again, there are strange tales about monsters from the Periphery, so I'm not surprised. But, the good news is that the goo's all gone, so thank you for your work! Let me give you some compensation!
Gols Gols +2000


Exiting the Commerce Guild the next day after the mission is completed triggers a cutscene starting The Crashed Station.


Exp Experience +1250
Gols Gols +1000
Prompt guild Reputation +75
Gale Gale: Relationship +10


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Starting Mission: The Crashed Station during the Day of Memories

  • In the last version of Early Access, if The Poisoned Water was completed on Month 2, Day 26, then The Crashed Station would begin on Day 27, regardless of the fact that it's the Day of Memories. If the Collapsed Wasteland was not investigated before the remembrance of the dead begins, this lead to certain townsfolk being missing from Peach Plaza, instead crowded in front of the Collapsed Wasteland. This meant Arlo and Remington were not accessible for gift-giving until the player dealt with the mission. Immediately following the mission-related dialogue, the involved townsfolk would bow their heads to continue the Day of Memories, resulting in an eerie scene. (The Crashed Station now triggers at a later time.)

NPC comments about the water pollutionEdit

Some characters have unique lines while this mission and the previous mission are active:

Aadit We get our water from Duck Pond around here, so we're fine, for now.
Alice I poured a little bit of the gooey water on my flowers. They withered right away!
Arlo We should have caught this sooner. We didn't find out until the water turned green and people started getting sick.
Antoine I've cut down my water usage by a factor of ten. Even though that's bad for my skin, I have to endure it.
Carol I'm so worried about this water being polluted. Did the pollution come from within the ruins? What if my girls become sick?
Dawa I hope my brother Siwa's doing okay. He lives over in the desert, so he doesn't have too many water sources other than the river.
Django The polluted water is making my food taste terrible! I hope the Civil Corps figure it out soon!
Emily Luckily for us, Duck Pond seems to be fine and free from the pollution. We've been getting our water from there since the scare started.
Erwa We get pollution from the ruins in our food supply from time to time, but it's mostly mild. I have heard even worse horror stories from other cities about the pollutants from the Old World.
Gale Something must have gone wrong in one of the old ruins. Maybe a broken pipe or some chemical tank rusted. Whatever the case, we need to solve it fast. I don't want to see my people's lives getting distracted by this.
Ginger What do you think happened in the ruins for pollutants to spread into our river?
Higgins No stomach pain is going to stop me!
Lee Even after all these centuries, the evils of the Age of Corruption still haunt us!
Liuwa stomach aches...
Martha I can't bake my bread with this green-looking water. What should I do?
McDonald I hope this nasty lookin' water don't have any effects on my animals.
Mei I would do a fine write up on our situation with the pollution right now, but my stomach isn't feeling too well right now.
Merlin Hmm, this pollutant is interesting. I wonder what we can do.
Nora We've been getting some water from the ruins beneath the Church. While it's safe, there's not enough for everyone.
Oaks Papa Bear told me not to drink the from the river while the green goo's floating on there. He didn't need to tell me, the smell's terrible.
Paulie I'm tellin' ya, the green goo in the river must be the work of Duvos villains! I just know it!
Petra The Director and I have been trying to neutralize this pollutant, but it's proving kind of tough. It's definitely a chemical from the Old World.
Phyllis We've been treating several people with stomach aches, all from having drank the polluted water. The river is our main source of water, so there's not much we can do. I've been telling them to boil their water throughly.
Presley Oh I'm having a stomach ache! I've been going to the restroom nonestop (sic).
Qiwa There were many dead fish in the river. And I don't think they're safe to eat.
Remington We're trying to locate all the sources of the water pollution. There's a lot of water around Portia, so we've a lot of places to check.
Russo I hope the bad water doesn't affect Ms. Ginger's health.
Sam I hope there aren't any other sources of the pollution around. We've looked everywhere, but the source above the Bassanio Falls is the only one we've located.
Sonia It's hard to run a restaurant business when your customers aren't too sure about the safety of the water you use.
Toby My Ma said we need to boil the water over and over again before drinking it. Personally, I think gooey green water is cool! Maybe I'll turn into a mutant once I drink it!
Wuwa Normally we're the ones that export water to Sandrock, but I've heard the Mayor put in an order for water from the other Free Cities after the river became polluted.
Xu Do you have a stomach ache? No? Oh, that's good. We've been getting too many of these lately. People really need to boil their water before drinking.

NPC comments after the missionEdit

Various NPCs will have special lines after the mission's completion. Ginger's dialogue is unique in that it awards Relationship points with her.


Ginger I heard from Papa that you solved the polluted water issue with Sam. In the end, what happened? Tell me all about it!
Do you remember the Bandirat Prince? It turned out...
Ginger A talking Rat King, now I've heard it all, heehee. Was it scary falling into the ruin like that? Oh! And Sam sounded so strong! I'm glad you made it out without getting hurt.
Relationship +20

Other NPCsEdit

Aadit I heard from Dawa that everything worked out in the end. Still, a Rat King? Haha, sounds like something straight from a fairytale.
Albert You know, I was almost, almost, getting used to the green water. It had its own charm, I guess.
Alice My flowers are so happy to drink fresh water again.
Antoine I must say, you really can handle yourself. Some of our other Builders would run away from danger, but you meet it head on.
Arlo Sam told me you really showed some fighting chops going up agains the Rat King. We'll be depending on you if we ever run into such a situation again.
Dawa Arlo was very high on you when he told me about your adventures fighting the Rat King. He said he never expected a Builder to be able to put up a fight, much less win! Must have been a fright!
Django When not polluted, Portia's water is the best!
Emily I try not to tell my Granny everything happening around our town, such as the dirty water. She'd only become needlessly worried.
Gale It's unsettling how much we don't know about our surroundings. I hope with the Rat King's defeat, the bandirats won't bother us again for a long while.
Ginger I heard from Gust that you faught off a talking rodent! What was that like? I didn't even know rodents can talk...well, there's Abu, but he's a bear.
Gust I overheard from my Pa that you dealt with a rogue rodent. Impressive work.
Higgins I give credit where credit is due, you did well making our water supply safe again.
Isaac Did the rat you fight really talk? There are records that show men used lab rats to do all sorts of experiments back in the Old World. Maybe they even made their animals talk...
Jack The whole town's talking about your heroic efforts in getting rid of the Rat King. I want to be just like you when I grow up!
Lee Now that you've had a chance to explore around Portia, can you now see how much damage our ancestors did to our planet?
Lucy My pupils can finally drink clean water again! Now Toby will no longer have an excuse to not come to school.
Mars I'm just glad I can drink the water without worring(sic) about running for the toilet again!
McDonald Glad the episode with the nasty water's finally over, maybe I'll get my water from ol' Duck Pond going forward.
Mei My stomach is feeling much better now, thank you. Glad I don't have to endure the smelly water again.
Molly The green water was yucky, even when boiled.
Nora I'm glad you solved the polluted water problem.
Oaks I've always heard the bandirats say they had a king, but I didn't know he existed for real!
Paulie Very manly of you to face off against a talking rodent claiming to be king and defeat it.
Phyllis I heard from Sam you guys had a hard time in the WoW Industries ruins. That a giant talking rat set up a trap for you. That's an unbelievable adventure!
Polly I heard the researchers at the Research Center will be adding a new filtering system to keep our water clean.
Presley Are you all right? Builders normally don't have to fight of giant rodents. Your Pa also had a knack for running into real trouble.
Qiwa I can finally fish again, thank you!
Remington I wish I was there to see this talking rodent. Why do I always miss out on the exciting stuff around here?
Sam Thanks for help me out during the mission. I'm sorry that I didn't protect you better, but you handled yourself very well!
Sanwa Ahh, ice cold fresh water, so good!
Sonia Even though Django didn't show it on the outside, I think he was worried enough that he was about to run into the ruins to solve the issue with the water himself, haha.
Sophie What is this polluted water I keep on hearing about?
Toby I heard you beat down a talking rat, is that true?! That is so cool!
Tody Thank you for fixing the leaking chemical pipe. We need to protect our rivers.
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