Toby's Secret Crush is a secondary mission.


The player must have completed Toby's Apples.

Conduct of the Mission Edit

The next morning after completing the Toby's Apples Toby shows up at the player's Workshop. Interacting with him triggers this mission. The mission will be available between 07:00 and 12:00.

Toby Hey best friend!
What are you up to now?
Toby Well, you see, I need to give a gift to someone, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to get her.
Her? Oh...puppy love? How adorable!
Toby It's not like that! Your next door neighbor Emily bought some eggs to my house when my Mom was sick. Now my Mom wants to give Emily something in return, and she wants me to figure it out!
Okay, do you have any ideas?
Toby I only have a couple of blueprints, which one do you think is better?
  • An apple.
  • A rubber fruit.

Both options have the same results:

Toby I trust your judgement, best friend! Then I want to commission you to deliver it to Emily, today! In return, I'll give you half of my lunch money.
Why can't you deliver it yourself?
Toby Gotta go to school, or my Mom will ground me for life.
You can go after school.
Toby I'm lazy! Remember to deliver it today!
Sure thing, lover boy.

Collect MaterialsEdit

The player needs to give Apple or Rubber Fruit to Emily. Doing so counts as a regular gifting interaction and gives the neutral response (Relationship +1). Emily then asks whether you got it for her:

Emily Wow! It's great. Did you get this for me?
  • No, Toby sent it for you.
  • Yep, specially made!
→  No, Toby sent it for you.
Emily Haha, I'll be sure to thank him and Martha. I was kinda hoping it was from you though!
Toby Relationship +10
→  Yep, specially made!
Emily Thank you, I'll treasure it!
Relationship +5


Exp Experience +550
Gols Gols +30
Toby Toby: Relationship +10
Emily Emily: Relationship +5 (Conditional)


  • The player will not be able to give Emily another gift the same day they complete the mission.
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