There are no prerequisites to this mission.

Conduct of the missionEdit

Mars Player! Good to see you! I've a problem here. You see, recently folks have been buying up a lot of umbrellas, and now I'm short on stock. I'm going to try to make some, but well, I need materials.
What type of materials?
Mars Nothing out of this world, just some spines from the Sea Urchins you see lazying around the town. Think you can gimme a hand?
  • Sure, sounds easy.
  • I'll pass, too many things on my plate.
→  Sure, sounds easy.
Mars Great! Remember though, only tougher lookin' Urchins drop the spines as loot.

Collect MaterialsEdit

The player needs to collect the following materials to complete this mission:

Spines can be obtained from Sea Urchins. Higher level Sea Urchins found near the Bassanio Falls have a better drop rate.

Upon delivering the Spines to Mars:

Mars I knew I could count on you. Now I can get some more umbrellas made before the next time it rains.

Rewards Edit

Exp Experience +500
Gols Gols +200
Mars Mars: Relationship +20
Power Stone +1
Umbrella (Book) +1
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