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The console versions of My Time at Portia released both physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms on April 16, 2019, though manufacturing delays caused the physical North American version to be delayed until May 16, 2019. These three platforms are collectively referred to as the console versions, though they are not the only versions handled by Team17 instead of Pathea Games. The console, Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10, GOG, and Epic Games versions were originally handled by Team17, rather than Pathea Games, who only handles the Steam version. As of late 2020, the console versions will now be ported by Pingle Studio, and an update is expected later this year.[1]

Currently, the GOG and Epic versions are the most up-to-date non-Steam versions, tending to lag only slightly behind Steam (though they do not yet have the downloadable content (DLC) that Steam offers). The Windows 10 (Microsoft Store) version is further behind, with its version 2.0.7043 corresponding to Steam version 2.0.134712 from 2019/03/21. The console and Xbox Game Pass versions are currently approximately equivalent to the 1.0 release of the Steam version and also do not currently offer the DLC available on Steam. Save files are not transferable between any platforms, including transferring from Xbox Game Pass (console) to Xbox Game Pass (PC).

Console Preorder Promo Image

Console preorder bonus promotional image

By pre-ordering the game prior to April 16, 2019, players could download the Housewarming Gift Set DLC to receive a thank-you letter in their mailbox with a Housewarming Gift Set attached, containing a Casual Jacket and Shredded Jeans clothing set, 5 Beef Jerky and 5 Rainbow Jam, a Winged Lion statue and a Goolo Goolo Clock, and a Coin Bag containing 500 Gols. This Housewarming Gift Set can also be bought from each console's respective online store.[2]

Players still experiencing bugs are encouraged to report them to Team17 via this form.


Between consolesEdit

The exact price of the console versions varies depending on the player's country, as with many games. In each country, the price of their physical and digital versions are the same. The exception to this rule is the physical verify ] Nintendo Switch version, which is more expensive due to manufacturing costs.[3]

Certain aspects of the Nintendo Switch's graphics, such as grass, are less detailed due to graphical limitations, though Team17 is looking into optimizing grass further so that it may be included in the future.

Differences from PCEdit

Much of the content that is available on PC is currently available on consoles, with some exceptions. Some items and recipes, such as the Forge and the crafting recipes for the First Aid Kit and Simple Antidote, are not present on consoles yet.

Major post-release changesEdit

Voiceovers were initially not included, but were added on September 20, 2019. However, as with the Steam version, not all dialogue is voiced and some characters do not have a voice at all, so certain things remain unvoiced. Some characters have only one or two lines of voiced dialogue, while characters that do not have a voice at all include Tuss, Sanwa, Siwa, and Mali, among others.

Please see the A brief history section for more information on differences that have since been updated to match up with the Steam version.

Workshop item limitEdit

Unlike the unlimited amount of items the player can place in their yard on PC versions (other than the limitations of yard space), console players are limited to placing a maximum of 50 production items and 50 decoration items,[4] for a total of 100 player-placed items in the yard. Attempting to exceed this limit will cause a message stating that the player has reached their workshop item limit to pop up, and they will be unable to place any more items.[5] In addition, if the production item limit is reached before the decoration item limit is, then it is possible that the player may be unable to place more decoration items, even if there is technically room for more decoration items.[6] verify ]

Items that are considered production items include all crafting stations that can be placed by the player, ranching buildings such as the Stable, Coop, and Shed, Planter Boxes, and all types of outdoor flooring, including Marble Flooring (even though it does not have a use besides decoration, unlike the other outdoor flooring). Each piece of flooring placed counts as a single item towards the 50 production item limit. Therefore, to avoid reaching the limit before the player has placed enough crafting and possibly farming items to fulfill their needs, it is recommended to not place too many pieces of flooring purely as decoration. If many pieces of flooring are being used for irrigation and/or connecting Fire Powered Generators to crafting stations, then this also limits the amount of other items considered "production items" that can be placed.[4]

Items that are considered decoration items include storage boxes, relics, outdoor decor such as fences, fountains, street lights, seating, tables, and so on.[4]

However, there is a way to avoid console's workshop item limit by placing the additional item on the house's terrace first, then picking it up and moving it to the yard. This way, the item counter doesn't recognize that the player already surpassed limit and they can place more than 50 production and 50 decoration items.

Game controlsEdit

Main article: Game controls

The game controls for each game differ slightly depending on the console's controller.


Main article: Console changelist

Please visit the console changelist page for information about each update to the console versions.

A brief historyEdit

Certain aspects that are already available on PC, such as voiceovers, facial hair/decorations and the game speed slider were not included at launch. In addition, some NPCs' gift preferences were different than Steam, giving different gifting values. This is due to console versions being based on an alpha build of the PC version, with updates gradually added to it.

The first major update for the console versions was released approximately in mid May 2019.[7] This update fixed many of the bugs that console players have been encountering, and adds features like more endgame and character content, the time speed slider, player birthdays, facial hair, tattoos, and freckles, etc. that were already available on the PC version.

Subsequent updates fixed various bugs and improved on the loading lag players had reported, including the loading time when launching the game and the time it takes to load in and out of menus and different maps.


ErrorSprite Reporting bugs
Bug reports are recommended to be submitted directly to Team17:

Each version may have different bugs, potentially different from those that the PC version experienced. Bugs may or may not be exclusive to each console; more information is needed. The platform with the most bugs and crashes reported thus far, as of November 2019, is the Nintendo Switch.

The bugs listed on this page are categorized under the console they were encountered unless people report encountering the same bug on different platforms. If a bug is bolded, that indicates that the bug is major and/or has been reported by multiple people. Bugs that are currently listed here have not yet been fixed, and were reported on sources such as the Pathea, Team17, or MTaP Wiki Discord servers, or in comments on MTaP wiki. Once a bug has been fixed, it is to be moved to its respective Fixed section.

Not all of the bugs are listed on this page yet; feel free to edit them in or add them in the comments of this page, but please refer to the Manual of Style before editing! For example, please use third person ("the player") instead of second person ("you"). Additionally, please mention the date that the bug was encountered or the date of the update that caused the bug, as this will help make it easier to keep track of current bugs.

ConstructThis article or section is a stub. You can help expand it. Comments: Please note that the list of errors posted below was compiled before console versions received a major update in May 2019. Some bugs in the list may have been fixed already; please comment if you see a bug still listed that had been fixed already.

All console versionsEdit

  • If the player accepts Unknown Package late in the day, when they wake up, they may immediately fail the mission, even if there was supposed to be another day or so to complete it.
  • Crops in planter boxes may occasionally display their time until ripeness as 0 days, 00:00.
Fixed bugs
  • Xbox bug - Enemies in Sewage Plant ceiling

    Enemies stuck in ceiling

    Monsters in Level 3 and Level 4 of the Sewage Plant may be stuck in the ceiling or walls, causing players to be unable to proceed further in the Hazardous Ruins.
    • Players can get around this by crafting a Triple Barrel Snakebite on a Level 3 Worktable, as the ranged weapon will allow them to attack these faraway enemies. (Players will also need to craft Venom Darts as ammo.)
  • Fish Display is bugged. Fish cannot be put in, and putting a Fish Display in the inventory may cause the game to crash. (Fish Display recommended to not be built until after next major update.)[8]
  • Storyline after completing Mission: Reconstruction not implemented yet.
  • Any crops grown in Large Planter Boxes may cause the game to crash when attempting to harvest, such as Apple Trees and Giant Crops grown from Special Giant Seeds.
  • The Housewarming Gift Set only arrives on Month 1, Day 2, so players that did not get it in their mailbox on that day (such as due to purchasing the item as DLC after starting the game) cannot receive their items yet, unless they start a new character.
  • Leaving Amber Island's Cave before completing The Cave on Amber Island can result in the player getting locked out. It is possible that the player may either have to start a new game or wait for the next large game update, projected to be in mid to late May.[9]
  • Leaving WOW Industries before completing The Poisoned Water can result in the player getting locked out. It is possible that the player may be able to re-enter from an invisible access point to located slightly to the left of the WOW Industries entrance, as shown here.
  • Xbox bug - In sky

    Player stuck in sky

    Players may warp to the sky upon exiting a building, and will have to reload the day. The player can move, the minimap displays their apparent location, and the sky will change color as the day goes on, but buildings and other elements from the world have disappeared and only the sky can be seen.
    • Buildings that players have reported exiting before warping: Portia School and the player's house (Switch), Desert Abandoned Ruins (PS4)
    • A similar bug appeared in the PC alpha version, where players might warp to the sky upon exiting the school.
  • Xbox bug - No building

    Invisible Research Center

    Buildings may be invisible, and may or may not be enterable.
    • The Research Center may still be able to be entered and exited, if the player is able to locate the invisible door.

Unspecified console versionsEdit

  • While wearing Casual Jacket, equipping Uniform Jacket from inventory by pressing A on it can cause the Casual Jacket to drop off the player and onto the ground some distance away. (This issue may not be limited to just these items, and may also be encountered on PC.)
  • Sparring Higgins may result in the player gaining Presley's Sofa as a reward for winning.
  • It is possible for mounts to die. When the player interacts with the dead mount, it respawns. The respawned mount can walk on water.[10]
Fixed bugs
ConstructThis article or section is a stub. You can help expand it.


  • Photos in photo frames may drop the photos every few days.
  • Player may experience invisible guests when holding a Party. The food will be eaten and the player gains friendship points, but the guests are invisible.
Fixed bugs
  • Splash Screen example

    Example of a Splash Screen on PC, similar to what console players see

    Infinite loading screen; upon attempting to load the game, the game may be stuck on the loading screen and is unable to be played. Controller input causes sounds of navigating through menu, but the screen is stuck on the splash screen with the two birds bouncing up and down. More information needed.
  • Multi-purpose Tea Table cannot be gifted to Gale.
  • Some, possibly all, furniture items cannot be gifted to NPCs.


  • Players may experience crashes due to lack of memory space (issue encountered by many players). Memory space is needed both for game patches, savegames and screenshots. Memory card space can be expanded by adding a microSD card. For more information, see this guide from Nintendo. It is recommended that the player close the software before putting the Switch to sleep to prevent crashing.
  • Player may be unable to pull the Rogue Knight's Sword from the ground after The Final Battle.
  • Player may be unable to proceed with The Dee-Dee Stops Here and thus the main storyline, because Higgins builds all five of the Dee-Dee Stops. verify ] It is normal for Higgins to build one or two Dee-Dee Stops if the player does not complete them all fast enough. Switch players are advised to prepare materials for three Dee-Dee Stops and to build them as soon as possible.
  • Player may experience invisible guests when holding a Party. The food will be eaten and the player gains friendship points, but the guests are invisible.
Fixed bugs
  • Gathering any resources may give the player gols.
  • It is advised not to take pictures of monsters photo collection until finishing all photo quests. It is currently not possible to delete photos on Switch, so if the player exceeds taking 36 photos, the photo missions cannot be completed.
  • The sounds of the Robopig Rider may not cease playing after riding, even when going to the next day. The player may have to restart the game to make the sound stop playing.
  • Emily's Invitation, The Perfect Trap, and some other missions became bugged on Switch following the September 20 update. Viewing the cutscene during the missions caused the game to crash. A hotfix was released by Team17 on October 23 to fix these issues.
  • The Recovery Machine previously caused the game to crash upon attempted use. This issue was fixed with the October 23 hotfix.

Xbox OneEdit

  • The player may be unable to accept The Bassanio Lift. The commission will appear on the board and can be hovered over, but the commission may lack a description or reward, and may not register attempted input to accept the mission.
  • Robopig Rider disappears after a few days.
Fixed bugs
  • Infinite loading screen; upon attempting to load the game, the game may be stuck on the loading screen and is unable to be played. Controller input causes sounds of navigating through menu, but the screen is stuck on the splash screen with the two birds bouncing up and down. More information needed.


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