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My Time at Portia FANDOM has its own Discord server, dedicated solely to the wiki. This server discusses changes and behaviour of the wiki to allow for real-time conversations.

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Pathea Discord

This server is not affiliated with the Pathea Discord.


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Administrative Policies


All policies listed under our wiki policy page apply.

Be civil with one another - assume good faith
All discussions must remain in a civilized manner. Harassing or the act of attacking another user or users is not allowed. Respect each other, and remain calm and mature in tense situations. Always assume good faith. Excessive profanity or using profanity in a demeaning way is not allowed on the server; keep it safe for work. If another user or group of users are causing problems, please contact an active administrator and avoid continuing the conversation.
Keep discussions on-topic
There is no penalty for being off-topic, but we do ask you to keep off-topic discussions in #lobby. However, severe instances may result in a warning, and you may be removed from the server from further instances.
MTaP FANDOM Discord is primarily used for wiki discussions. The server does contain a few non-wiki channels. As our server continues to grow and change, our channels will seek changes in the future. Most importantly, we are not meant to replace the Pathea-MTaP server.
Please keep personal information out
We want to protect your privacy. Please do not share addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information or identification. If someone asks for your personal information, in the server or through private messaging, ignore, block, and report them to @admin. First and last names are permitted under your own discretion. MTaP FANDOM, and its affiliation, will not be responsible for any personal information you share to any party.
Do not be a nuisance to the community
Spamming or being generally annoying is not permitted on the server. Causing problems will result in being removed from the server. Immaturity is not tolerated.
Unsolicited advertisement is not permitted
You are not allowed to advertise to an unapproved website(s). All websites must be approved by @admin. All official MTaP websites, including the Pathea Discord server, are approved websites.
Keep discussions PG-13
We want to make sure everyone is comfortable having a conversation with each other. Not-safe-for-work (NSFW) or otherwise inappropriate content is not allowed, no exceptions; inappropriate content includes but is not limited to: pornography or sexual acts, racism or discrimination, drugs, violence, blood and gore, or excessive profanity. Additionally, to respect each and everyone's choices and affiliation, please keep politics outside of MTaP FANDOM Discord. We are LGBTQ friendly.

Moderators and Admins[]

If you are a moderator or administrator of MTaP FANDOM, you will automatically receive the @moderator or @admin roles.

For a list of active moderators and administrators, see Project:Administrators.