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Policies are the rules and guidelines of Portia Wiki. They are the means of keeping Portia Wiki safe and under control by providing a positive experience to the users. Creating a detrimental environment may be grounds for a temporary or permanent block on your account. All blocks are under the discretion of the blocking administrator.


These guidelines are applied throughout the wiki, regardless if the description states a specific location.

Be civil with one another - assume good faith
All discussions must remain in a civilized manner. Harassing or the act of attacking another user or users is not allowed. Respect each other, and remain calm and mature in tense situations. Always assume good faith. Profanity is not allowed on the wiki; keep it safe for work. If another user or group of users are causing problems, please contact an active administrator and avoid continuing the conversation.
Don't feed the trolls
Trolls are users who intentionally cause problem on the wiki in the attempt to draw attention. Giving a troll's attention can be detrimental to the wiki as it gives the troll more reasons to cause problems. If you spot a troll, ignore them and contact an active administrator immediately. Never leave childish or immoral comments on the troll's message wall.
Avoid malicious intents
Spamming, vandalizing, or other forms of malicious works that harms the wiki's productivity are forbidden on the wiki. Other forms of malicious intents include but are not limited to: blanking (removing valid content), using profane language (anywhere on the wiki), edit-warring, or adding inappropriate content and/or files. Users causing intentional malicious works can be blocked with or without reason or discussion.
Never plagiarize - use your own words
Copying another person's work(s) is not allowed. Gather your own information, or in certain scenarios, cite your sources of any information that you gather. If you copy content from another person, you must give attribution to all editors. Plagiarized content will be removed with or without reason.
Illicit advertisement is forbidden
Advertising to another unapproved website is not acceptable. Citing a website related to My Time at Portia is permitted, as long as the website is for use of information and not purely for advertising. Malicious websites are strictly forbidden, regardless if it contains information related to My Time at Portia. All websites need to be approved by an administrator if the links are to be displayed anywhere outside of an article. Websites may not interfere with the flow of traffic to the wiki; all links must be used as a reference and only as a reference to help an article gain more credibility. Websites used as reference points may still need to be approved by the administrator; approval is at the administrator's discretion.


Administration policies

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