Mysterious Man
Where did he come from? Where is he going? What does he want? People always ask, but sometimes things are better left unexplained.

The Mysterious Man is an unidentified human that always wears a mask to hide his identity. During the last two days of every season, he returns to Portia to sell his goods to the locals and enjoy the town. His most valuable selection is the Wedding Ring. The rest of the year, he travels the Alliance of Free Cities, selling his wares to the people he meets.

The Mysterious Man owns a shop in Portia, but the building is never open for business since he is always out traveling. The shop remains closed even while he visits the city, though he does sleep in his home within.

Personal lifeEdit

The Mysterious Man is a man of adventure, seeking rare items to sell to the locals of Portia once he returns to town on a monthly basis. He returns on Saturday of Day 27 and departs before the start of Monday of Day 1.

The Mysterious Man's store building is located near the Hazardous Ruins gate, except due to his absence, his store is never open for business. Even despite returning to Portia, he never opens his business as he usually wanders town during the day.

The Mysterious Man's identity is unknown, as he always wear a mask to hide his identity.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Mysterious Man, despite hiding his identity behind a red and white panda-styled mask, can be seen to be a fair-skinned, thin man with yellow eyes and white hair covered by a brown and yellow baseball cap with strange writing on the front. He is wearing a long brown trenchcoat over a white shirt, purple pants and red shoes with yellow laces. He also has a small, blue wristwatch. He carries a very large ramshackle backpack made (apparently) of scavenged materials, which is holding a number of packages and mysterious items. From the way he pauses periodically to adjust the pack and breathe, it seems that this is a very heavy pack.

Related charactersEdit

The Mysterious Man does not seem to have any close personal ties to anyone in particular, and his dealings with the player are purely for business.


Mysterious Man ico
Mysterious Man's store

The Mysterious Man's store; always closed for business

The Mysterious Man can only be found the last weekend of every month, and can be tracked via the map.

He arrives in Portia Harbor the morning of every last Saturday (the 27th), and walks the same set route on both Saturday and Sunday (the 28th), before departing Portia on another adventure.

Time Location
7:00Arrives at Portia Harbor
9:45Continues walking down the road leading towards Peach Plaza, passing Sophie's Ranch
12:45Turns right at the Player Character's house, taking the road, facing Amber Island
14:15Turns left at the end of the road, following the path towards Central Plaza
18:45Arrives at Central Plaza
20:00Takes the staircase between Total Tools and Portia School leading to his store
21:00Arrives at his store; no longer available for the day


The Mysterious Man does not gain any relationship points when socializing, cannot receive gifts, and is not registered in the social menu.

Social interactionsEdit

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Social talk ChatEdit

Chat is a basic social interaction. As a stranger, chatting with Mysterious Man does not increase his relationship points as Mysterious Man cannot be befriended; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation.

Mysterious Man Ho ho, another loyal customer just appeared. I am called the Mystery Salesman, always a pleasure.
Mysterious Man Well, well, I have some special and valuable wares! You're welcome to take a look, get'em while you can!
Mysterious Man Portia is the only city I love. Staying here for two days every month makes me feel comfortable.
Mysterious Man I collect goods from the Free Cities every month. I'm just used to this kind of life.
The Perfect Trap
Mysterious Man People are saying there's a knight around town? I miss all the interesting things when I'm gone.


Ancient Computer
The information below only applies to the PC versions.
Consoles may contain different data, and may or may not change in future updates.
Comments: The Television, Name Card, and QQ and Yoyo-specific items are not currently available on consoles.
Hi, whatcha looking for? Everything's good here except for favors.

The Mysterious Man sells rare goods in exchange for other items. However, not all items are available to all players at all times. The QQ-related items require the player to currently be married to Gust in order to appear, while Yoyo-related items are meant to appear only if the player is a Kickstarter backer.

Mysterious Man icoMysterious Man Mysterious Man
Item Name Amount Price Type
Wedding RingWedding Ring Wedding Ring 1 2,000Gols Romance item
Small EngineSmall Engine Small Engine 2 5Old Parts Crafting material
One-legged Dining TableOne-legged Dining Table One-legged Dining Table 2 10Silicon Chipset Furniture
Solid Wood ClockSolid Wood Clock Solid Wood Clock 2 10Industrial Engine Furniture
Trunk BenchTrunk Bench Trunk Bench 2 10Small Engine Furniture
Paw MatPaw Mat Paw Mat 2 10Small Engine Furniture
Metal StorageMetal Storage Metal Storage 5 680Gols Storage
Beginner's CapBeginner's Cap Beginner's Cap 1 360Gols Clothing
Piano BenchPiano Bench Piano Bench 2 800Gols Furniture
Cat's BedCat's Bed Cat's Bed 1 1,000Gols Pet item
Broken MirrorBroken Mirror Broken Mirror 1 50,000Gols Romance item
Lucky SackLucky Sack Lucky Sack 20 1,000Gols Special item
Man-eater SofaMan-eater Sofa Man-eater Sofa 5 10Topaz Furniture
Deluxe Fishing KitDeluxe Fishing Kit Deluxe Fishing Kit 3 1,200Gols Accessory
Crafter's ToolboxCrafter's Toolbox Crafter's Toolbox 1 480Gols Accessory
Sweetheart CakeSweetheart Cake Sweetheart Cake 1 20,000Gols Romance item
Painting - KittyPainting: Kitty Painting: Kitty 1 2,000Gols Furniture
Painting - BoyPainting: Boy Painting: Boy 1 2,000Gols Furniture
Golden NecklaceGolden Necklace Golden Necklace 1 1,300Gols Accessory
Dog TagDog Tag Dog Tag 1 15,000Gols Pet item
Cat TagCat Tag Cat Tag 1 15,000Gols Pet item
Pig TagPig Tag Pig Tag
(Must be married to Gust; currently PC version only)
1 15,000Gols Pet item
Yoyo's Pet TagYoyo's Pet Tag Yoyo's Pet Tag
(Kickstarter backers only)
1 15,000Gols Pet item
Name CardName Card Name Card
(currently PC version only)
1 4,000Gols Baby item
Dog HouseDog House Dog House 1 10,000Gols Pet item
Piggy BedPiggy Bed Piggy Bed
(Must be married to Gust; currently PC version only)
1 10,000Gols Pet item
Yoyo's NestYoyo's Nest Yoyo's Nest
(Kickstarter backers only)
1 10,000Gols Pet item
Meidi Traditional HatMeidi Traditional Hat Meidi Traditional Hat 1 80Gols Clothing
Explorer's CapExplorer's Cap Explorer's Cap 1 760Gols Clothing
Ruin Driver's HatRuin Diver's Hat Ruin Driver's Hat 1 1,500Gols Clothing
Military CapMilitary Cap Military Cap 1 24,000Gols Clothing
Special Giant SeedSpecial Giant Seed Special Giant Seed 2 500Gols Seed
Iron Framed Double BedIron Framed Double Bed Iron Framed Double Bed 1 2,000Gols Furniture
Roller BrushRoller Brush Roller Brush 1 2,000Gols Wallpaper and Flooring
Floor BrushFloor Brush Floor Brush 1 2,000Gols Wallpaper and Flooring
Wall Light of LoveWall Light of Love Wall Light of Love 1 2,400Gols Furniture
Love SofaLove Sofa Love Sofa 1 10,000Gols Furniture
Small Flower RackSmall Flower Rack Small Flower Rack 1 3,200Gols Furniture
Golden ClockGolden Clock Golden Clock 1 3,200Gols Furniture
TelevisionTelevision Television
(currently PC version only)
1 1,000Gols Furniture
Children DollChildren Doll Children Doll 1 4,000Gols Romance item
Abandon TagAbandon Tag Abandon Tag 1 4,000Gols Pet item

Social mission MissionsEdit

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Legend: Map Icon Mission NewMap Icon Side Quest New major • Map Icon Mission Place ItemMap Icon Side Quest Place Item minor • Social play friendship • Social date romance

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Secondary missionsEdit

Map Icon Side Quest New Legend of the Red Prince
Gale seems down, I should see if he needs any help.
Map Icon Side Quest New Mysterious Seed
Wait for the Mysterious Man to arrive in Portia, then ask him about the seeds for plants that can bear giants fruits.
This mission triggers after The Secret of Planting and is one of Emily's missions. This mission causes the Mysterious Man to arrive in Portia the next day after The Secret of Planting, even if it is not the end of the season.
Map Icon Side Quest Place Item Settling Down
Help Albert propose to Sonia.
While not involved, the Wedding Ring can only be purchased from the Mysterious Man.



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