Abandoned in the woods as a baby, Oaks was found and raised by Papa Bear. As Oaks reached boyhood, Papa Bear settled down near Portia to give his adopted son a chance to go to school and interact with other humans. Oaks is very naive, but kind and hopeful. He can also talk with some animals.


Personal summaryEdit

Oaks was born on Day 8 of Summer. When he was a baby, Oaks was abandoned in the woods by his biological parents until Papa Bear Abu found him. Papa Bear raised Oaks and settled near Portia to allow Oaks to interact with other humans.

Oaks can speak human language and also has the ability to talk to animals, such as Papa Bear.

Physical appearanceEdit

Oaks is a young man with pale skin, brown eyes and medium-length straight red hair. He wears a heavily-patched bearskin cloak with the head forming a hood, and the front legs acting as sleeves for his arms, and red straps meeting at his collar to hold it on. He is bare-chested beneath the cloak, but he has dark blue and red striped pantaloons covering his legs to below the knee. Over the pantaloons, he wears a fur sash, covered by two belts: One turquoise with a silver buckle, the other purple and red striped with gold loops and several things hanging from it, including a winged white key, a couple of decorative keychains and a yellow pouch. His lower legs and feet are covered with simple wraps over sandals. He has a gold necklace with a single decorated animal fang or claw strung on it.

Related charactersEdit

Oaks's closest connection in Portia is his foster father, Abu, who adopted him when he was young. They can often be found together in the fields just outside the city.


When befriending Oaks, his relationship network with other NPCs will also be affected, resulting in the player receiving favor points from those NPCs as well.


His home is open from 7:00 AM to 21:00 PM.

Time Location
12:00 Leave Peach plaza at 12:30, walks out gate and walks along wall to the east
13:00 Walks south east towards river
14:00 Starts walking towards Central Plaza, but then goes east again after reaching south of the gate
15:00 Walks around field between river and Plaza

Time Location
10:45 Enters Church of the Light and listens to Lee's sermon.
15:15 Leaves Church of the Light to arrive at


Oaks is one of the potential bachelors that the player can romance.

Upon reaching Friend status at four full hearts, the player can confess their love to him with a Heart Knot. If the confession is successful, his relationship status changes to Boyfriend. After Oaks has become the player's boyfriend, upon reaching Lover status at eight full hearts, the player can then propose to him with a Wedding Ring. If the proposal is successful, his relationship status changes to Husband. Once certain other conditions have been met, Oaks and the player can then try for children.

Additionally, upon meeting certain relationship levels, certain perks are rewarded.


Friend StarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Good Friend StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Receive a 20% discount when consuming in the store
Lover HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2
Receive a 25% discount when consuming in the store
Husband HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2 +Wedding Ring
Receive help with domestic work and resource gathering, and a chance at receiving gifts first thing in the morning.

Social interactionsEdit

Interactions: Social talk Social gift Desire head icon Social spar Social RPS Social Invitation Social play Social date Social Dine Social interact Social photo Social Ride Social Relic Trade Social confession Social propose Social mission

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Social talk ChatEdit

Social talk
Dialogue →

Chat is a basic social interaction available at any relationship level. Chatting with Oaks once a day can increase his relationship by 1 point, or 2 points with the Smooth Talk skill; subsequent chatting, on the same day, only results in the same conversation without any relationship gain.

Oaks's dialogue may change every day and every season. Oaks may also comment about certain events or missions. Higher relationship levels, including romantic involvement, also change Oaks's dialogue.

Social gift GiftEdit

Ancient Computer
The information below only applies to the PC versions.
Consoles may contain different data, and may or may not change in future updates.
Comments: Gifting values on non-universal gifts may currently be different on consoles.

Giving gifts to Oaks affects the player's relationship with Oaks. Every character has unique gift preferences.


  • Every giftable item, except for the items below, will have a Neutral (+1) effect when given to Oaks.
  • Gifts given on festival days and on Oaks's birthday will earn the player 2x and 3x relationship points, respectively, and will show a unique dialogue.
  • Values listed below are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.
  • Oaks feels neutral about Stone, Wood, Hardwood, Sand, Soil, and Wasted Food, unlike most NPCs who dislike them
Social gift Gifting Items
Mount Very HappyLove: +18
Mount Very HappyLove: +15
Mount Very HappyLove: +12
Mount Very HappyLove: +10
Mount HappyLike: +8
Mount HappyLike: +6
Mount HappyLike: +5
Mount HappyLike: +4
Mount HappyLike: +3
Mount HappyLike: +2
Pine ConePine Cone
Mount NeutralNeutral: +1
Gift iconEverything Else
Mount UnhappyDislike: -2
Mount Very UnhappyHate: -5
Manganese OreManganese Ore
Tin OreTin Ore
Titanium OreTitanium Ore
Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra point.

Gift values displayed on this chart are for the PC release of My Time at Portia and may not apply to the console releases.

Desire head icon DesiresEdit

The following items are desires, or wishes, which are randomly assigned to one or two characters per week. The player is required to be at least at Associate level with Oaks for him to be assigned a desire. More desires have a chance to appear as the player's friendship with Oaks progresses; the new desires are added to the existing ones but do not replace them. Some characters may desire an item that they do not normally like.

In the event that Oaks has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value. The birthday or festival day relationship bonus applies when gifting a desired item.

Desire head icon Desires
Minimum Relationship Level Possible Desires


Meat and Mushrooms StewMeat and Mushrooms Stew (+15)


Carving KnifeCarving Knife (+20)


Crafter's ToolboxCrafter's Toolbox (+20)

Social spar SparEdit

Oaks can spar with the player up to three times per day.

Note that the level in the table below is Oaks's base level at the start of the game. Oaks's actual level can be higher because Oaks will level up over time.

Social spar
Level: 20
Relationship Rewards/losses
Round 1 2 3
Player Win
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
GolsGols (5-10)

And 35% chance to get one of the following:
AppleApple (30%)
HerbsHerbs (30%)
Roasted MeatRoasted Meat (20%)
Herbal JuiceHerbal Juice (10%)
Baked BreadBaked Bread (5%)
Herbal MixtureHerbal Mixture (5%)

Player Lose
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Prompt ordinary
GolsGols (1-5)

Social RPS RPSEdit

Oaks can play RPS with the player up to three times per day.

Social photo PhotoEdit

Social photo
Group Photo →

Oaks can partake in group photos with the player after reaching the Associate level.

  • More poses are unlocked by reaching higher relationship levels.
  • Romance poses are unlocked by becoming partners.
  • The "Photographer" skill can fully unlock all poses, regardless of relationship or romantic level.
  • All poses can be viewed in Oaks's Gallery page.


Social play PlayEdit

Once the player has become buddies with Oaks, they can schedule a play date together.

Social date DateEdit

After the player has successfully confessed how they feel to Oaks, the player can schedule a romantic date with Oaks.

Social Dine DineEdit

If the player chooses to dine at The Round Table with Oaks during a play date or date, it is recommended to order dishes Oaks will like. If asked before ordering, Oaks will sometimes tell the player exactly which dishes to order; other times, Oaks will just give little hints. In the event that Oaks does not specify the exact foods desired, the player should order between two and seven dishes, depending on what hint Oaks gives. It is recommended to order each of those dishes from different courses, ex. ordering one Appetizer, Meat, Vegetable, Dessert, and Drink course each, rather than five Desserts.

Oaks's food preferences are:

Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Menu icon meat
BBQ Grilled MeatBBQ Grilled Meat
Deep Fried RibsDeep Fried Ribs
Smoked Meat-dinnerSmoked Meat
Roasted Warthog FeetRoasted Warthog Feet
Well Seasoned RibsWell Seasoned Ribs
Grilled TurkeyGrilled Turkey
Sauteed RibsSauteed Ribs
Stewed MushroomsDjango's Braised Meat
Menu icon vegetable
Menu icon dessert
Menu icon drink
Apple Juice-dinnerApple Juice
Orange JuiceOrange Juice
Apricot JuiceApricot Juice
Bitter Melon MixBitter Melon Mix
Holly TeaHolly Tea
Exceptions: N/A

Social interact InteractEdit

As the player develops their relationship with Oaks, special interactions are unlocked, including Hug and Kiss.

Social Relic Trade Relic tradeEdit

Oaks occasionally uses the Relic Pieces Exchange board at the Museum to trade for relic pieces. Oaks likes to look at particular completed relics, so after the player has donated such relics to the Museum or displayed them in their yard, Oaks may come visit the Museum or the player's yard to view these relics. Such visits will earn the player relationship points each time, with the amount dependent upon the relic.

Social Relic Trade
Relic Trade
Points Relics
Requested Pieces +30 Sculpted Lion Piece 1Sculpted Lion Piece 1 Sculpted Lion Piece 2Sculpted Lion Piece 2 Sculpted Lion Piece 3Sculpted Lion Piece 3 Sculpted Lion Piece 4Sculpted Lion Piece 4 Catmaid Statue Piece 1Catmaid Statue Piece 1 Catmaid Statue Piece 2Catmaid Statue Piece 2 Catmaid Statue Piece 3Catmaid Statue Piece 3 Catmaid Statue Piece 4Catmaid Statue Piece 4
+10 Monument Model Piece 1Monument Model Piece 1 Monument Model Piece 2Monument Model Piece 2 Monument Model Piece 3Monument Model Piece 3 Monument Model Piece 4Monument Model Piece 4 Clay Figure Female Piece 1Clay Figure: Female Piece 1 Clay Figure Female Piece 2Clay Figure: Female Piece 2 Clay Figure Female Piece 3Clay Figure: Female Piece 3 Clay Figure Male Piece 1Clay Figure: Male Piece 1 Clay Figure Male Piece 2Clay Figure: Male Piece 2 Clay Figure Male Piece 3Clay Figure: Male Piece 3
Favorite Exhibits +???
Catmaid Statue
Catmaid Statue
Monument Model
Monument Model

Social mission MissionsEdit

Legend: Map Icon Mission NewMap Icon Side Quest New major • Map Icon Mission Place ItemMap Icon Side Quest Place Item minor • Social play friendship • Social date romance

  • Map Icon Mission New Main missions are listed in chronological order, based on the chronology list.
  • Map Icon Side Quest New Secondary missions are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Indented missions indicate succession of the previously listed mission. Further missions in its timeline are in chronological order.

Secondary missionsEdit

Map Icon Side Quest Place Item Care packages
Deliver care packages to Carol, Alice, and Oaks with Nora.
Map Icon Side Quest New Keep Cool, Papa Bear!
Find Papa Bear with Oaks.
Social play Oaks' Worries
Ask Gale about how to help Oaks get a job.

Commerce commissionsEdit

Oaks may post a commission on the commission board in the Commerce Guild. Below is a list of possible commissions.

  • Data is extracted from the database.
  • Rewards do not account for the skill Commerce Hot Shot, which increases the rewards output.
  • Some items with the same quantity may be listed twice, but each offer a different deadline or rewards.
Social secondary mission Commission List
Commission Rewards
Item Level Deadline RP
Prompt happy
Prompt guild
CharcoalCharcoal (x15)
Tasklevel 1
5 days 25-30 100 50 36-45
Roasted MeatRoasted Meat (x5)
Tasklevel 1
10 days 25-30 40 40-60 36-45


Icon Photo Saved
Gallery →

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