Around a century ago, a man named Peach found a way to dispell(sic) the clouds and brought sunshine back to our world. He's celebrated everywhere. That's why we have a statue of him in the Peach Plaza.
— Lucy

Background[edit | edit source]

J. Peach, widely referred to by only his last name, was a human born during the Age of Darkness. As what would now likely be considered a young adult, he was able to create and use technology to free the world of the darkness that had plagued it for 330 years.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Peach's personal life is currently unknown.

From his journals, he is known to have ruin dived at the Orzu Ruins in Ethea.[2]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Peach is the most famous person in the world, he's recognized for bringing us into the current age.
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Tales of the time before Peach dispelled the darkness over the world as well as what is currently known about Peach are largely passed around by word of mouth.

The Age of Darkness[edit | edit source]

The time before Peach[edit | edit source]

Lucy giving a lecture about Peach

Lee tells the player of the time before Peach when they first bring him a Data Disc:

Lee.png Haha, you're what? Eighteen? Nineteen? The Age of Darkness is probably just another fairy tale story to you, right? When I was young, my great-grandma shared her firsthand account of the time before Peach; the time when folks lived in ruins underground. She went days without food, everybody fought each other over the most basic of things, and people were considered old if they managed to live to thirty. And it was always, always dark.

Gale tells everyone of the time before Peach during the Day of the Bright Sun:

Gale.png It has been almost a century since Peach brought back our sun. It's impossible for us to even imagine what that dark world was like.

Lee also tells about the life during the Age of Darkness in his sermon during the Winter Solstice:

Lee.png Long ago, in the bleakest period of the Age of Darkness, there was no light to be found. People rose in the morning and went to bed at night in total blackout. Food was scarce and the crops were failing. And it was cold...very, very cold!

End of the Age of Darkness[edit | edit source]

The player and Petra talk about how Peach ended the darkness:

Petra.png About the past. I mean, I know the Church says technology caused the Age of Darkness, but technology also brought the Day of the Bright Sun.
That's true. It was J. Peach's invention that ended the Age of Darkness, right?
Petra.png Yeah, so technology can't all be bad. I wonder where we would be today if we hadn't lost all the old technology.

Lucy tells the children at school about the Age of Darkness and how it ended:

Lucy.png About 3 centuries ago, the world faced a calamity. Men used advanced machines of enormous power in a war that engulfed the planet. The results were devastating. Records show entire continents vanished. The sky darkened for the next two hundred years.

Around a century ago, a man named Peach found a way to dispell the clouds and brought sunshine back to our world. He's celebrated everywhere. That's why we have a statue of him in the Peach Plaza.

Django.png But ever since the time of Peach, there's been less and less knights around. We have standing armies, the Civil Corps, and adventurer guilds now. The knights of the old are a dying breed indeed.

Cultural influence[edit | edit source]

Mural in the Portia Church of the Light

Due to his heroic achievement of dispelling the darkness covering the world, there are various homages to Peach throughout the land. A mural depicting him decorates one wall in the Church of the Light.

Peach's name is occasionally be used as a euphemism or interjection, such as saying "Oh, Peach!" in situations one might say a variant of "Oh, no!"[3]

Day of the Bright Sun[edit | edit source]

The Day of the Bright Sun is on the 19th Day of Month 1 of each year. It celebrates the event of Peach clearing the clouds and letting the sun rays once again shine on the land around a century ago. The Age of Darkness before Peach lasted for 330 years.
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Gale.png I'm sure the celebrations for the Day of the Bright Sun are a bit different in Barnarock. Here, the airship tradition has been going on for almost 40 years. I think it started when someone jumped on the Peach statue and started throwing cranberry candy at everyone.

Statue of Peach[edit | edit source]

J. Peach, the one who brought us light after the long dark night.
— Statue description

There is a statue of Peach in the center of Portia's Peach Plaza. Sandrock and Highwind have statues of their own.[4]

Fashion[edit | edit source]

Peach's Amulet

Peach popularized the use of Umbrella Hats instead of traditional handled Umbrellas.[5]

Peach's Amulets, crafted in his likeness, are lucky charms that are said to give Peach's blessing to the wearer when worn.[6]

Media[edit | edit source]

  • The Legend of Peach: A biography of J. Peach's legendary life.

References[edit | edit source]

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