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Penny is a singer from Barnarock wearing an acoustic guitar upon her back who may be found standing outside Yeye's Motel in South Block.

She is not romanceable, though she has some missions.



Personal LifeEdit

Penny desires to go to Walnut Groove to become a musician.

As you proceed with her story, you will get the following letters from her:

Potential Spoiler
Hey there my fellow countryman! I want to thank you again for showing me around last time. I've been pretty inspired ever since and have finished the melody for my song! I'm so excited! I want you to hear it first! Can you drop by Duck Pond sometime today? I'll be waiting for you there!
I've already finished my preparations! My concert will be tonight at 8pm in Central Plaza. Please come out and support me!
Hey fellow countryman! Remember me? I've been living in Walnut Groove for a full season now. The people here are so carefree! Some store owners only open their shops when "they feel like it", haha! Can you imagine?
I've already staged a few performances here. My song's been a minor hit. I've even picked up a sponsor in Mrs. Kalifa, she's so nice! I'm still nowhere near some of the top performers here, but I'll continue to work hard!
I've included a record of my song in this mail, plus a few photos. Come visit me when you can, I'll be sure to show you around!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Her long hair is neatly tied up in a high bun, and she sports a midriff-baring green jacket, dark blue jeans with slashes in them, and sturdy boots with buckles on them. She accessorizes with a fingerless glove on her right hand, a bracelet on each wrist, and a simple turquoise choker.


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  • There are English and Chinese versions of her song.
  • Penny's concert cutscene currently does not have vocals in the console versions.
  • Penny Luminaire comment
    Penny can't be romanced because she is based on a real person that isn't part of Pathea. (The picture Luminaire refers to is this one.)


Version historyEdit

  • Penny was added after Early Access on January 15, 2019, as evidenced by the Steam changelog

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