Penny's Record is a unique recording that plays a song by Penny.


Penny will send the player Penny's Record after they complete The Wanderer's Dream, the last of her missions.


Penny's Record can be played on the Television. The Television will need to be put on the Television Stand to work.


  • The recordings' video files are located in the %GameDirectory%\Portia_Data\StreamingAssets\Video folder, and can be replaced with other videos (named with the same filenames as those of the original videos) to play the videos in-game. (PC version only.)
    • There are two versions of Penny's Record: English and Chinese. The English version is named song_66.mp4, while the Chinese version is named song_66_zh-CN.mp4 (the "zh" is the abbreviation for the Chinese word for the Chinese language (中文 Zhōngwén)). Both versions are in the game files and can be listened to outside of the game with a media player.
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