Boss Piggy-bot 007

Piggy-bot 007 is a boss monster found in the Ingall's Mine and in the Deepest Ruin.


One Piggy-bot 007 is always the boss of the Middle Level of Ingall's Mine Hazardous Ruins.

Piggy-bot 007 also spawns in the Deepest Ruin.

Behavior Edit

Piggy-bot 007 has two attack moves:

  • Melee/Ranged: Brings its limbs inside his body and rolls towards the player
  • Ranged: Shoots a stream of water bubbles from its snout

Rather than walking, Piggy-bot 007 will roll towards the player.


Levels ExpExp Items
42 1600 Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits (5)
Small Silicon ChipSmall Silicon Chip (5)
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid (5)
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine (1)
Silicon ChipsetSilicon Chipset (1)
Advanced EngineAdvanced Engine (50%)


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