These delicious nuts will fall off the tree by themselves.

Obtaining Edit

Pine Cones can be obtained by cutting down the pine trees on Western Plateau.

Usage Edit

Pine Cone is used as an ingredient in cooking Steak with Coconut Juice.

Social cook Ack's Recipes
Recipe Effect Ingredients

Steak with Coconut Juice
Adds Buff: Ranged critical damage +30.0%
Lasts 180.00 seconds

1 Coconut

2 Beef
Pine ConePine Cone

1 Pine Cone

1 Chili Pepper

Gifting Edit

Data taken from game assets, game version 1.0. Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.

Social gift Gifting
Prompt happy
Like +2 GustOaks

All other characters will default to Neutral (+1).

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